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TDF HIV Drugs Lawsuit Lawyer

TDF HIV Drugs Lawsuit Lawyer DC, MD and VA

TDF HIV Drugs Lawsuit LawyerIf you or someone you love has suffered from the harmful side effects that can occur after taking TDF HIV drugs, a TDF HIV drugs lawsuit lawyer in DC, MD or VA may be able to protect your and your family’s rights, by getting you the compensation that you may be entitled to.


Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) is a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved prescription medicine for the treatment of HIV in adults, and children that are at least two years of age and who weigh at least 22 pounds. Tenofovir DF is typically used in conjunction with other HIV medicines. TDF belongs to a group of HIV drugs that are called nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) that block a harmful HIV enzyme called reverse transcriptase. When this enzyme is blocked, it can prevent HIC from multiplying. As well, it can reduce the amount of HIV in the body. 

Even though medicines like this one cannot cure HIV/AIDS, they can help people with HIV to live longer, healthier lives. In some instances, an “HIV cocktail,” a combination of drugs to fight HIV, has been known to put HIV patients into remission from this terrible disease.

TDF HIV Lawyer

Unfortunately, many people have been injured and become ill because of taking TDF HIV drugs. If you or someone you love is one of these people, discussing your situation with a reliable TDF HIV drugs lawsuit lawyer in DC, MD or VA, may help you to understand what your rights are. This may help you to make decisions about what you should do given your or your loved one’s unfortunate situation.

A DC, MD, or VA TDF HIV lawyer may be able to help you to file a lawsuit if you have taken one of the Gilead Sciences drugs that has been causing patients to suffer from serious side effects. If your lawsuit is settled or decided in your favor, you may be able to get the compensation you need and are entitled to, to offset the financial hardships, pain and suffering, and other difficulties that the side effects of this kind of harmful drug can cause.

Thus far, the five TDF drugs on the market that are made by Gilead Sciences are:

  • Viread
  • Truvada
  • Atripla 
  • Complera
  • Stribild

In 2017 alone, these drugs earned approximately $11 billion in sales.

Discussing your rights with a compassionate TDF HIV drugs lawsuit lawyer who is licensed to practice in Washington, DC, MD and VA, may help you to feel less alone in this difficult and trying situation.

TDF HIV Side Effects

Like many helpful medications, TDF HIV drugs have some unfortunate side effects. Fortunately, while many of these are not harmful to patients of these medications, unfortunately, the aforementioned drugs are being linked to dangerous side effects. Kidney and bone injuries are among the more common of these dangerous side effects.

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