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Washington, D.C. Tdap Vaccine Lawyer

Tdap Vaccination LawsuitsWhile vaccines are important to the overall health of both children and adults, they are not without their dangers.  Certain vaccinations can cause devastating side effects.  One vaccination that has recently been found to cause such adverse side effects is the Tdap vaccine.  Were you or a loved one administered the Tdap vaccine? Are you or a loved one experiencing side effects? If so, please contact Cohen & Cohen, PC to speak to a Washington, D.C. Tdap Vaccine Lawyer today.  

The Tdap vaccine protects against pertussis, which is more commonly referred to as whooping cough.  The Tdap vaccine became widely available in 2005 for older children and adults. Before 2005, there was no whooping cough vaccine shots for anybody over 6 years of age. Young children have been vaccinated against whooping cough since the 1940s. But protection against the disease naturally wears off over time. Tdap is used to protect adults from whooping cough and also help to protect infants who are too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough and could catch the disease from adults around them.

Unfortunately, the administration of the Tdap Vaccine has well-documented adverse side effects. These adverse side effects range from severe pain, swelling, unexplained bleeding, breathing difficulty and, in severe cases, organ failure.  In a few cases, adverse side effects due to a Tdap Vaccine shot have resulted in death.   If you or a loved one were administered the Tdap vaccine and are experiencing adverse side effects, you may have a claim for damages.  Thousands of claimants have already recovered money for their vaccine-related injuries, including Tdap vaccine-related injuries, under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).   If you are experiencing unexplained health issues and were administered the Tdap vaccine, please call (202) 902-8020 and schedule a free consultation with a Washington D.C. Tdap Vaccine Lawyer today.

Our Washington D.C. Tdap Vaccine Lawyers bring an array of litigation experience to the table and are well-versed in the adverse side effects of the Tdap vaccine.  We have decades of experience recovering money for people seriously injured as a result of medical malpractice and products liability.  A serious claim deserves a serious lawyer.  Please contact Cohen & Cohen, PC at (202) 902-8020 to discuss your potential claim for injuries related to the Tdap vaccine with a Washington D.C. Tdap Vaccine Lawyer.  

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