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Staying Safe While on Two Wheels

Tips for Staying Safe While on Two Wheels in Order to Avoid the Need for Bike Accident Lawyers in Rockville, MD

Rockville MD bike accident lawyersMany people turn to the bicycle as a way of fun transportation and for sport but unfortunately, many riders in Maryland wind up injured and in need of help from Rockville, MD bike accident lawyers.

When getting onto two wheels for a ride, a bicyclist must be prepared for potential threats of the road. It is common for bicyclists to not be able to ride on the sidewalk, so they must venture into the roadways, and perhaps even share a lane with a vehicle. The streets can be busy and stressful enough as a car driver, so a person on two wheels without exterior protection is greatly at risk for being hit. Trying to maneuver through cars can be downright scary, even for an experienced rider. Regardless of the cause of a bicycle accident in Maryland, when injuries are the result of this, the injured person may benefit from the help of Rockville, MD bike accident lawyers.

What can help a bicyclist boost his or her confidence when sharing the roadway is to practice safety tactics. In the article here, we have listed ways a bicyclist can be more safe, and what to do if they were to be hit by a car.

What can a bicyclist do to help prevent being hit by a car?

Unfortunately, in today’s high-paced society, car drivers often speed from one place to another, all the while being distracted on their cell phones. This means a bicyclist must be hyper aware and try to scan for threats on the road constantly. By abiding by the following rules, a bicyclist can help lessen their chances of getting hit by a car and hopefully, the need for counsel from bike accident lawyers in Rockville, MD:

  1. Always wear clothing that is brightly colored
  2. At night, use blinking lights or reflectors to catch a driver’s attention
  3. Perform regular bicycle maintenance
  4. Obey traffic street lights and stop signs
  5. Buy a helmet that is the correct size, with no cracks or immense wear
  6. Learn hand signals and using it to communicate with car drivers
  7. Watch out for parked cars, as someone may open their door without looking
  8. Adjust the bicycle as needed so that you feel in control when riding
  9. Do not go for a ride during stormy weather or while ice is on ground
  10. Do not wear headphones while riding as this can be a distraction

If you or someone you love has been hit by a car while on a bicycle in Maryland, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with reputable bike accident lawyers in Rockville, MD.

How should a bicyclist handle the situation if they were struck?

If you are hit by a car, you should call the police and an ambulance right away. It is likely that those who saw the accident may rush over to help. Do not hesitate to request medical attention, as being hit by a car can cause severe internal and external damages. Your health should be the number one priority but when possible, do not permit the driver to leave until law enforcement has arrived to assist at the scene. Once the proper authorities have been notified and medical attention has been sought, contacting Rockville, MD bike accident lawyers may help you to understand your rights and what your next steps should be.

Should a bicyclist consult with an attorney about seeking compensation?

It is not uncommon for a bicyclist who has suffered painful and costly injuries to consider filing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver for compensation. You may want to consult with an attorney first, for legal advice and to see if you have a strong foundation for a lawsuit. Bring any paperwork related to your injuries during the consultation, so an attorney can get a better idea about what happened.

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