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Spotting a Dangerous Truck Driver

Date11 Dec 2018

Truck Accident Lawyer Hyattsville, MD

While it’s important to be aware of all the vehicles around you, it’s especially important to keep your eye out for truck drivers. Many truck drivers obey traffic laws and drive responsibly, but there’s some that don’t drive so safely. Those are the ones that you have to be extra careful around. Collisions involving commercial trucks are more likely to result in life-threatening injuries. Truck accident attorneys provide some tips for spotting a dangerous truck driver.

Driving Above the Speed Limit

It’s not safe for any vehicle to speed, but it’s especially dangerous for commercial trucks. Truck drivers who drive above the speed limit may lose control of their vehicles and not have enough time to stop, causing an accident. Some truck drivers choose to speed because they feel pressured to deliver their goods on time. If you see a truck driver driving way ahead of the other vehicles, you should stay far away.

Not Taking Weather Conditions Into Consideration

When weather conditions are poor, it’s important to drive slower than posted speed limits. Snow and ice, for example, can decrease visibility and make the roads slick, increasing the risk of accidents. However, some truck drivers may ignore these weather conditions and not slow down. In these situations, you should distance yourself away from the truck drivers.

Swerving In and Out of Lanes

It’s not good for any vehicle to swerve between lanes. However, when a truck driver does this, he or she is at risk of jackknifing. The truck driver may hit the brakes, but the second part of the truck doesn’t have enough time to stop. The trailer then pushes the front of the truck and makes it spin. The trailer can fall over and hit the vehicles around them.

Failing to Signal for Turns and Lange Changes

It’s even more important for truck drivers to use their turn signals when they change lanes or make a turn. Commercial trucks make very large turns and have to slow down enough to make a turn. If truck drivers fail to signal, other vehicles may crash into their trailers. If you notice that a truck driver isn’t using the proper turn signals, you will want to stay as far away as possible.

What to Do If You See a Dangerous Truck Driver

If you notice that a truck driver is driving dangerously, you should stay a safe distance away. You should also try to get the license number on the back of the truck and report it to the police. Notifying the police about a truck driver’s dangerous actions could save lives.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Schedule a consultation with a truck accident lawyer Hyattsville, MD offers at Cohen & Cohen, PC today to discuss your case. Lawyers have helped hundreds of truck accident victims get justice and are ready to listen to your case.

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