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Slip and fall Lawyer Silver Spring MD

Slip and fall Lawyer Silver Spring MDSlip and fall accidents happen far more frequently than we may realize, and many are so serious that they require the aid of a slip and fall lawyer Silver Spring MD residents can trust.

A lot of people run into the challenge of figuring out whether or not their injury qualifies as a slip and fall injury. Slipping and falling down the stairs of your own home likely is not going to be reason for somebody else to give you your compensation. It is your home, after all. What, then, is a slip and fall injury? Legally speaking, a slip and fall injury is an incident that occurs on somebody else’s property as a result of it being unsafe, hazardous, or dangerous. That means it could happen at your friend’s house or in an office building. A good slip and fall lawyer Silver Spring MD can trust is an attorney that understands this definition well, and can help you evaluate whether or not your injury is something you can get compensation for.

The key part to understanding the definition of a slip and fall injury is to evaluate whether the property where you fell was unsafe. Your injury must be the direct result of something unsafe, hazardous, or dangerous on another person’s or company’s property in order for you to receive fair compensation. For example, you may not be entitled to compensation for an injury that occurs on a paved path with handrails. An experienced slip and fall lawyer Silver Spring MD needs is someone that will tell you, however, that if you slip in the main lobby in an office building because it was wet and no signs indicated so, then you have a much better chance at getting compensation.

More generally speaking, there are common signs of an unsafe property. While this does not cover all the ways a property can result in injury, it is a good starting place when you are evaluating your own injuries. Some of the more frequent cases of slip and fall injuries include:

– Wet surfaces
– Uneven surfaces
– Bumpy surfaces
– Lack of handrails
– Potholes
– Exposed electrical wires or cords
– Open construction
– Sharp, uncovered objects (such as nails)

A skilled slip and fall lawyer Silver Spring MD can rely on is someone that knows slip and fall injuries are no joke. They can be serious and cause permanent damage to the body. From brain injuries to broken bones, these incidents are not to be taken lightly. Injuries can range from abrasions to spinal cord damage, most of which require hospitalization and/or long term medical treatment. Not only can that be traumatic, but it also can pose a financial burden on the victim and the victim’s families. Unfortunately, medical expenses are far from cheap.

If you or your loved one believe you may have suffered from a slip and fall injury, do not hesitate to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and we will be more than happy to set you up with a slip and fall lawyer Silver Spring MD is lucky to have in its midst.

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