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Slip and fall Lawyer Gaithersburg MD

Slip and fall Lawyer Gaithersburg MDAlthough slip and fall accidents are not covered by the media frequently, they can have serious consequences, many of which may require a slip and fall lawyer Gaithersburg MD residents can trust.

What is a slip and fall injury? Contrary to common belief, a slip and fall injury is not any old fall in your house. A slip and fall injury is defined as a person suffering an injury from a fall on somebody else’s property. This property could be a private residence like your neighbor’s house or it could be a place of business like your workplace. Slip and fall injuries occur as a result of hazardous or unsafe property conditions. Additionally, in order to win your case, it is important to show that someone else is liable for your injuries, most often the property owner. A slip and fall lawyer Gaithersburg MD locals can rely on is an attorney that will do everything they can to ensure they prove this liability.

So what qualifies as an “unsafe” property? While there is no direct answer, there are many commonalities among slip and fall cases. Oftentimes, it involves the property owners neglect to maintain certain various features of the property. Some of the most common qualifiers for a hazardous property include:

–  Uneven surfaces
– Wet surfaces
– Unfinished construction
– Lack of handrails
– Poor lighting
– Potholes
– Exposed electrical chords

All of these factors can contribute to serious physical damage. A slip and fall injury is not one to be taken lightly, common knowledge to the slip and fall lawyer Gaithersburg MD needs. On average, one million visits to the hospital emergency room every year in the United States are a result of slip and fall injuries. While the degree of severity may differ depending on what caused the accident, all injuries — no matter how small — deserve fair compensation. Injuries that can result from slip and fall accidents are:

– Head injury
– Spinal cord injury
– Back injury
– Broken bones
– Fractures
– Bruising
– Abrasions

These injuries can be traumatic. In addition to the emotional stress a serious injury causes, they also can pose a financial burden on the victims of the accident as well as their families. A slip and fall lawyer Gaithersburg MD locals can count on is someone who understands this economic strain. Unfortunately, in the United States medical bills are expensive. The more serious the injury, the more the price tag wracks up. Slip and fall accidents are particularly expensive, with recent studies suggesting that approximately $13 to $14 million annually is spent on slip and fall injuries.

With the stress of having to go from doctor’s appointments to physical therapy visits, nobody should have to think about not being able to afford the proper care for their injury.

If you or someone you know has been a victim to a slip and fall injury, do not hesitate to call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and we will set you up with a slip and fall lawyer Gaithersburg MD residents have trusted for years to fight for their fair compensation.

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