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Silver Spring MD MVA Lawyers

Maryland MVA Lawyers

Silver Spring, MD MVA LawyersIf you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) it may be in your best interest to discuss what your options might be with Silver Spring, MD MVA lawyers that are licensed to protect the rights of accident victims throughout Maryland. 

Maryland is an “at-fault” state for determining who has financial responsibility in an MVA. If a driver’s behavior is found to be negligent reckless and/or malicious, they may be liable for property damage as well as expenses that are the result of injuries the accident caused. In the awful situation where an innocent person’s life is taken because of a MVA, their surviving family members may be entitled to compensation for property damage and expenses that are a result of the accident as well as for things such as loss and grieving.

If you or someone you love has suffered because of an MVA in Silver Spring, MD lawyers who are experienced with successfully defending the rights of MVA victims in Maryland, may be able to help. The sooner you contact them the sooner they may be able to start protecting your and your family’s rights.

MD’s Statute of Limitations for MVAs

The statute of limitations for motor vehicle accidents in Maryland is typically three years. 

A statute is a written law passed by a legislative body. A statute of limitations is a law (a statute) that prescribes a period of limitation for the bringing of a certain kind of legal action. Even though some states have similar statutes of limitations for MVAs, each state, and Washington, D.C. has a set that is unique to that particular state (or district). 

Good Silver Spring, Maryland MVA lawyers may be able to help you seek compensation for expenses that were caused by someone else’s negligence, regardless of whether or not your claim falls within the time frame of MD’s statute of limitations. If you are outside of this time frame, there may be exceptions to your particular situation that would allow you to still file a claim with the help of Silver Spring MVA lawyers that are licensed to protect the rights of MVA accident victims throughout the state of MD.

Some counties in Maryland require that notice be given to them within 180 days of a crash if a local government is involved. Entities such as some public transit operations, require that you provide notice within 180 days of an accident if you are injured as the result of the negligence of a transit operator. This is pursuant to the Local Government Tort Claims Act.

In addition to complying with the statute of limitations and notice requirements for MVA accidents when one or more people have been injured, it can be difficult to prove that a driver or other kind of MVA operator was negligent and that their negligence caused injuries. Many people recommend that when you need to do this, you do so with the highly rated and recommended Silver Spring, MD MVA lawyers.

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