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Silver Spring MD DWI lawyers

Why is Drinking and Driving Such a Common Issue?

Silver Spring, MD DWI lawyersSilver Spring, MD DWI lawyers know all too well that it seems like every other day we hear about a drunk driving crash, which led to tragedy and multiple lives lost. With such terrible repercussions for driving while drunk behind the wheel, many people may wonder what tempts someone to even risk it at all? With so many other options aside from driving drunk, it can confuse responsible people as to why this is such a common issue in today’s society. Here in the article to follow, we have explored this topic in further detail, including how to go about seeking justice if you or a loved one suffered the consequences of a drunk driver’s actions.

Why do you think drunk driving accidents happen so frequently?

Silver Spring, MD DWI lawyers will likely inform you that there are many reasons why people may get behind the wheel despite being intoxicated. Some people may not understand just how long it takes for alcohol to leave the system, while others may make a judgement error when it comes to whether they are sober or not. Drinking alcohol is a way for many people to relax and is used as a way to unwind perhaps after a particularly tough day at work. While drinking alcohol can be used appropriately, there are a large percentage of people who are dependent or addicted to this liquid. Those who have a drinking problem may have a hard time differentiating between whether they are actually sober, or too drunk to drive. According to Silver Spring, MD DWI lawyers, the issue of drinking and driving can go deeper than a simple mistake resulting from clouded judgement.

What are the signs that someone I know is too drunk to drive?

If you are at a get together and notice your friend or family member is starting to behave differently, alcohol could be the culprit. Alcohol can change our body system, weakening mental and physical functioning. Here is a list of signs that your loved one may have had too much to drink, and should not be driving themselves home:

  • Flushed face, warm and sweaty skin
  • Slurring their words
  • Weakened hearing
  • Doing things they normally would not
  • Speaking too loudly, quickly or slowly
  • Difficulty getting up from sitting
  • Wavering or unstable walking
  • Feeling the urge to get fresh air
  • Poor memory of things that just happened
  • Passing out
  • Nausea and/or vomiting

What should I do if I got hit by a drunk driver?

Silver Spring, MD DWI lawyers are often asked this question. Sadly, it is very common, as many innocent drivers suffer due to another person driving while behind the wheel. If you ever see someone who may be drunk driving, call police so they can take over the situation. The operator will likely ask you what the driver looks like, the type of car and if you were able to get the license plate number. Provide what details you can, but make sure you are out of harm’s way as well. If you are hit by a drunk driver, call 9-1-1 immediately and get your injuries examined at the scene. The expenses for emergency medical care can be hefty, so many victims consider meeting with Silver Spring, MD DWI lawyers about filing a lawsuit against the driver for financial compensation.

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