Should I Perform a Self Body Exam After a Car Crash?

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A car accident attorney Baltimore, MD residents trust has the answers

Car Accident Attorney Baltimore MDMost people who have been in a serious car crash need the help of a car accident attorney Baltimore, MD residents can count on. Car crashes are no joking matter, as it is possible for a victim’s life to be changed forever as a result of someone else’s recklessness. For more severe car accidents, the victim may end up with a wide range of injuries including broken bones and lacerations, to brain injuries and crushed extremities. Our body’s natural response to an unexpected and stressful event is to flood itself with adrenaline. When this happens, an injury may not be felt or noticed until a later time.

It is highly recommended that you seek medical attention after a car accident, as well as a accident attorney in Baltimore, MD. Not only is it better to be safe and get a doctor’s exam, but hiring an attorney will help make sure you get the compensation for your injuries that you deserve.

Here we have answered questions regarding doing a self body exam after a car accident, as well as seeking legal advice.

What areas of my body should I check after the car accident?

When getting out of the car and over to a safe spot away from the scene, you can perform a quick body exam. Your vital organs are the most important areas to check. Any skilled and experienced car accident lawyer in Baltimore, MD will likely remind you to try to remain cool, calm and collected as you do a self evaluation:

  1. Take a few deep breaths in, observing for any difficulties or pain
  2. Apply gentle touch to your head and skull, looking for bleeding or sensitivity
  3. Feel around your chest and abdomen for impalement, deep cuts, stiffness, jolting pain, subtle aches or other abnormalities.
  4. Notice if your vision is blurry, if you feel disoriented or nauseated

If I feel okay and do not observe anything abnormal, should I still see my doctor?

Even if you have done a body exam and everything feels okay, there is no surety that you are entirely uninjured. A car accident lawyer Baltimore, MD relies on knows htat performing a quick body evaluation can help you determine if you have any potentially life-threatening conditions and if an ambulance should be called. However, this self assessment can be skewed especially if you are in shock and are unable to make any judgements with confidence.

What should I do if I had very serious injuries, and now am faced with bills?

Those who were in a car accident due to another driver being careless, distracted or otherwise irresponsible while behind the wheel, may decide to meet with a lawyer. After all, any good car accident lawyer in Baltimore, MD knows that costs for an ambulance ride, emergency care, hospitalization, life-support, x-rays, diagnostics, medicine and treatment are not cheap in the slightest. These costs can actually put the victim into a personal financial crisis. Many people who are faced with such substantial bills consider filing a civil lawsuit against the driver at-fault for compensation and justice.

What losses and damages may the driver at-fault be responsible for paying?

The driver who hit you may be liable to pay for medical costs related to your injuries, vehicle repairs, loss of pay due to missing work to recover, and more. What the driver may have to pay for depends on your specific case. Meeting with a car accident attorney Baltimore, MD residents trust — such as those at Cohen & Cohen — can be the best way to find out your options and if you have a solid case.

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