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Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Northern Virginia

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Northern VirginiaThere is a rising need for a good semi truck accident lawyer Northern Virginia residents can rely on. Our roads and highways are becoming increasingly more crowded. The majority of our roads were built when cars were much smaller and a vehicle that was any bigger than a van or pick up truck that was not on a train track, was unheard of.

In the United States today, large commercial trucks and trailer tractors are responsible for the majority of freight movement over land. Goods from foods, to machine parts, to cars, to technology, to instruments, to appliances, to online purchases and more, spends at least part if not all of their trip into the hands of consumers, on a commercial truck. More and more we see these large vehicles on the highways and even in our cities and residential neighborhoods. If you live in an area where lots of trucks pass through, you have probably seen, or at least heard about more than one devastating semi truck accident in your area.

Accidents involving large semi trucks often involve a lot of damage to the truck itself, other vehicles, and most unfortunately passengers and nearby pedestrians, etc. When a semi truck collides with a passenger car, even a larger one such as an SUV or van, the chances of the car being significantly more damaged than the truck are high.

If you have been injured in an accident with a large commercial truck or if someone close to you has died because of this, you may find it helpful to talk to a semi truck accident lawyer Northern Virginia truck accident victims and their families are glad to have on their side.

Semi-trucks, tractor trailers, 18-wheelers and other large commercial trucks get into accidents for a number of reasons. They get into accidents the same way that many automobile drivers do, because of driver negligence. The same act of negligence that causes an automobile driver and a semi truck driver to get into an accident can have vastly different consequences. Because of their weight and size compared to a car, it takes a semi truck a long time and more distance to slow down or speed up than a car. This means that the slightest careless maneuver by the driver can wind up causing catastrophic damage.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Inclement Weather Given the choice, most of us including truck drivers would prefer to
not have to drive in bad weather. Commercial truck drivers often feel forced to drive in treacherous conditions in order to keep up with their schedules. Because of a trucks size and weight, dangerous driving conditions can be even more dangerous for truckers.

Negligence Negligence for a truck driver can come in different forms. It can come in the same sort of act that cause other drivers to get into accidents such as, failing to pay attention to the road, speed limit, traffic signs etc. It can also come in the form of driver intoxication. While truck drivers are highly regulated, drivers with addiction problems and/or drivers who take substances to give them more energy or to make their drives less stressful, are still on the road. No matter how much sleep a truck driver has gotten, they may still suffer from driver fatigue. Many professional drivers who suffer from this try to “power through” the fatigue instead of stopping to safely rest.

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