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Scottie Pippen Says 5-Year-Old Damaged His Home

Date03 Jun 2019

Scottie Pippen Says 5-Year-Old Damaged His HomeScottie Pippen has filed a lawsuit against the parents of a 5-year-old girl who allegedly defaced his Florida mansion with markers and crayons. He said there were more than $109,000 in damages.

The former Bulls star said that the girl damaged “certain elements of the property” with coloring tools, adding that her parents, comedian Lindsay Glazer and Jacob Woloshin, had “responsibility for her conduct.”

Glazer has denied Pippen’s claims.

“Who would have ever thought that Dennis Rodman would be strengthening relations with North Korea, and Scottie ‘no tippin’ Pippen would be the crazy one suing little girls?” she said.

The couple moved into Pippen’s home on a temporary basis because their Fort Lauderdale home was damaged in September 2017 by Hurricane Irma. Pippen put the home on the market, but agreed to let them stay there for $30,000 a month as long as the home was maintained in top show condition.

Pippen also alleges that the couple let their dog and cat urinate in the home, resulting in permanent stains and unsanitary conditions. In addition, he accuses them of letting mold grow on the patio furniture, damaging the front gate and home entertainment system, and failing to pay rent and utilities on time.

Glazer said that Pippen was supposed to have a housecleaner come and clean the home, but that the housekeeper rarely came by.

Jason Giller, Pippen’s attorney, said that the the former basketball player had to do a lot of cleaning, replace “nearly every linen, mattress and carpet, and the movie theater and other big ticket things.”

“While the damages sought is clearly not limited to the damage caused by minors and pets, which alone were material, this is not a laughing matter and causing 6 figure damage to someone else’s house is both morally and legally wrong,” Giller said.


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