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Rockville MD DUI lawyers

Rockville, MD DUI lawyers have the important answers you may need

Rockville MD DUI lawyersRockville, MD DUI lawyers know all too well that being arrested for a DUI has some very steep consequences. The person may face huge fines, a suspension of their license, and perhaps even jail-time too. But, of all of the repercussions of drinking and driving, the most devastating of them all is when a life is taken due to a misjudgement. Those who decide to drive while under the influence are not just risking their own lives, but innocent people who may be sharing the road during that time too. Nobody wants to live knowing their one mistake had caused another life to be taken or changed for the worse, forever.

Here in this article, Rockville, MD DUI lawyers have talked more about why people can make such flawed judgements after having drinks, and what you can do to take legal action if you are ever hit by a drunk driver.

How do people not know they are still drunk? Why would they risk it by driving?

The thing about alcohol and its effects, are that a person can have a significant decrease in his or her ability to make sound judgements. Not only that, but a person who is drunk may be less cautious, and have a loss in fine motor skills. Being able to make safe decisions and perform complex tasks are two major skills that are required in order to drive responsibly. Rockville, MD DUI lawyers will remind you, however, that since alcohol greatly flaws someone’s reasoning capabilities, he or she may be tempted to drive even while still under the influence.

What can people do besides driving home drunk if they have to leave the party?

This may seem obvious to most, but finding someone else to take you home if you are too drunk to drive is the most common and smart backup plan. Other options a person could utilize if they need to get home is to call for cab or Uber, use a ride-sharing app on their phone, call someone they trust who was not at the party for a ride, or use public transportation. Rockville, MD DUI lawyers may also warn you, though, and suggest that the only issue that may arise with public transportation is that if someone is obviously intoxicated and acting out they could be arrested for a drunk in public charge.

I was hit by a drunk driver and want to meet with an attorney, what should I know?

Scheduling an appointment with an attorney about the drunk driving accident is a useful resource for people who want to know how to get compensation for their losses. A drunk driver who was at-fault for the crash may have to pay the victim back for his or her poor decision to get behind the wheel. When meeting with Rockville, MD DUI lawyers, there’s certain information you should gather so you are more prepared for your consultation:

  1. Medical bills and emergency costs
  2. Ambulance ride charge
  3. Doctor’s evaluations
  4. Diagnostics and testing results
  5. Surgery and/or procedure details
  6. Vehicle damages and repair estimates
  7. Photos of the scene or injuries
  8. Contact of any witnesses
  9. Driver’s information and insurance company name
  10. Out-of-pocket expenses and bills still due

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury as a result of a collision with an intoxicated driver, it may be in your best interest to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. to set up your free consultation with Rockville, MD DUI lawyers.

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