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Rockville, MD DUI Lawyer

Bad Judgement Can Lead to the Need for a MD DUI Lawyer

Rockville MD DUI lawyerWhen a driver’s bad judgement leaves you injured because they were driving under the influence, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a reputable Rockville, MD DUI lawyer.

Alcohol can affect individual bodies in various ways, including making people feel more relaxed, flushing their cheeks and enabling them to feel like they are letting go of stress.

There are downsides to alcohol as well. It can also impair our ability to perform functions such as doing complex tasks, making sound judgements and knowing when to be cautious. When there is a glitch in a person’s judgement, it can lead to that person getting behind the wheel and driving when they are intoxicated.

Why is it so difficult for people to know when they have had enough? Alcohol alters peoples’ judgement and perception, and can make a person feel as if they are capable of doing things that they actually should not.

In the article here, we have talked further about the issue of making misjudgements after having alcohol, and what a victim of a drunk driving accident in Rockville can do to seek justice with the help of a MD DUI lawyer.

How does alcohol impair someone’s ability to drive safely?

When people drive while intoxicated, they can cause a tragic accident. A person who is drunk while driving may have blurry vision, a lessened sense of potential dangers, loss of fine motor skills, and decreased inhibition. With all of these combined, it can be easy to imagine why drunk drivers can be seen speeding excessively, cutting other drivers off, following too closely, braking or accelerating at odd times, and more. Depending on the person, even a single drink could lead to impairments. It is crucial that a person understands his or her own limitations.

When someone is injured by a driver who was under the influence in Maryland, he or she may be entitled to compensation. Many people find this much easier and efficient to attain with the help of DUI lawyer who is licensed to practice in Rockville and throughout MD.

Things to do instead of driving while drunk

If a person is going to a party or places where drinking happens, planning ahead for a safe way home can help prevent the temptation of driving while still intoxicated. Even driving while tipsy or just a little drunk can lead to serious impairments while on the road. Here are some options a person can choose besides getting into the driver’s seat after having drinks:

  1. Call for a cab
  2. Use a ride-sharing app such as Lyft or Uber
  3. Hitch a ride with someone who is a designated sober driver
  4. Call a friend or family member who is sober, for a ride
  5. Consider taking public transportation

If a driver fails to self-monitor themselves with alcohol and injures someone as a result of driving while under the influence, a Rockville DUI lawyer can explain the rights of MD DUI accident victims and their families.

What should I do if I have been hit by a drunk driver?

If you or a loved one ever gets hit by someone who has been drinking, you should call the police right away. Request a medical team so you or your loved one can receive any injury care needed while at the scene. The officer will likely take an incident report of the crash, which you can obtain a copy of at a later time. Once you have been deemed stable, you may want to meet with an attorney about what happened. An attorney can help you decide if filing a lawsuit for financial compensation is something to invest your time into. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, you may be entitled to substantial financial retribution.

For help with trying to get the compensation you are entitled to contact the compassionate legal team at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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