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Product Injury Lawyer College Park MD

Product Injury Lawyer College Park MDIt does not matter what it was or how or where it happened, if you have been injured by a faulty product or good, it may be important to discuss your situation with a product injury lawyer College Park MD residents can rely on. If someone close to you has suffered an injury from a faulty product, or if someone dear to you has lost their life as the result of a product that injured them or made them ill, it is important to know and understand the victim and their family’s rights.

Product injury liability claims can be difficult to prove for many different reasons. One of these reasons is that very often, there can be more than one person or entity that is culpable for your injuries. When you think about going to a store or going online to buy something you want or need, prior to you making your purchase, a chain of responsibility has been created by everyone who played a role in making the product available to the public. Some of the people or entities who may be responsible are the designers, testers and inspectors, manufactures of parts, those who manufacture or assemble the final product, the distributors, and the stores or marketplaces where consumers purchase the item.

People can get injured or become ill from a wide variety of products and goods that a are an integral part of everyday life.The following includes common products that people seek compensation for for injuries that are the result of utilizing a faulty or malfunctioning product. This is not a comprehensive list nor is it intended to be legal advice in any way.

Dangerous & Defective Products

  • Medical devices and implants
  • Defective technology (combustible handheld devices, etc.)
  • Unsafe children’s toys and clothing
  • Unsafe “adult” toys (motorized scooter, skateboards, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical drugs, prescription and over the counter medications
  • Defective vehicles or vehicle parts
  • Contaminated foods
  • Amusement and waterpark rides

Unfortunately, there are many more products that are not listed here on the market that have the potential to cause injury or death. If you or someone close to you has been injured by a faulty product, discussing your situation with a product injury lawyer College Park MD victims and their families can turn to in situations like yours, may help you to understand what your rights are and it may help to start protecting them today.

Product Liability Cases

Negligence is a failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances. Negligence is the most common legal theory for product liability cases.In order to prove a case by claims of negligence, the plaintiff’s lawyer needs to demonstrate that the defendant (or defendants) failed to use ordinary or reasonable care in producing, designing, manufacturing, and in some cases distributing or selling the product- and it is this failure that caused a product to injure the plaintiff.

Strict Liability claims allege impropriety, often in the form of a malfunction which is often in the form of a malfunctioning product. This claim may be easier to prove than ones involving negligence because the plaintiff’s lawyer can show obvious results of defective design, manufacture, or marketing of a product.

Regardless of the product that injured a person, where the injury occurred, and the kinds of injuries a victim sustained, he or she, and sometimes their family, are often entitled to compensation for the victim’s injuries.

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