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Product Defect Lawyer Alexandria VA

product defect lawyer Alexandria VAAs a product defect lawyer in Alexandria, VA from Cohen and Cohen, P.C. can explain, product sellers and manufacturers must produce, send out, and sell items that are reasonably safe for consumers. Companies that release products that are a health risk may face a liability lawsuit. Our team can take a deeper look into what happened, inform you of your options, and work to hold the offending parties accountable. Product defect/liability cases are typically categorized under the following:

  • Manufacturing Defect: the design of the item may be impeccable, but a mistake may have occurred during the manufacturing stage. This can happen due to quality control failures during assembly. 
  • Negligence: distributors, vendors, manufacturers, and/or sellers may be careless in how they choose to create, market, and sell a consumer product. 
    • Design Defect: the creative idea behind the product may have been flawed, causing it to be unreasonably safe or hazardous. If there is an inherent error in the design, then it doesn’t matter how well the manufacturing process is, since it’ll still be a safety concern. 
  • Warranty Breach: products that do not function properly in some way may be breaching an implied or written warranty.
    • Failure To Warn: the consumer was not informed about safe operation of the item, and/or what would happen if the item was not used correctly. Products should have warning labels as appropriate, so that consumers are aware of risks.
  • Strict Liability: the nature of a product may cause severe injury or fatality if defective, such as heavy machinery and medical tools. 

You must speak with a VA product defect lawyer in Alexandria if any of the above situations may apply to you. Once someone has been hurt by a product, it can be difficult to figure out who exactly is at-fault. But thankfully, there are professionals such as ourselves who know the law and how to hold companies liable for the harm they caused.

You may feel inclined to contact the store or company that you bought the item from to report your injury. However, before making any statements, we can help you identify who is liable. It may be the designer, manufacturer, distributor, another party, or all of the above. We can look into the history of the product in question and demand fair restitution for your suffering.

Do not throw out the product. And do not try to take it apart or fix it. Look for your receipt or proof that you purchased the item. Take photographs of your injuries, the product itself, broken parts, and anything else relevant. Get copies of medical records for your lawyer to use in support of your case. The more you take action now to protect yourself, the better your chances are at being awarded compensation.

To receive qualified legal insight into a possible product liability case, contact a product defect lawyer in Alexandria, Virginia from Cohen and Cohen, P.C. today to reserve your consultation.

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