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Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction Accident Lawyer

If you work in construction, it should come as no surprise that construction work poses serious threats to safety. Construction accidents happen a lot more than we expect and can cause serious, permanent damage. In fact, according the United States Department of Labor, the leading source of work fatalities and injuries is in construction. From the same study, it was estimated that of the workers that were injured on the job, twenty-one percent were in construction. While it may be your responsibility as a worker to do your best on the job, it is absolutely the company’s responsibility to keep you safe. Nobody should have to go to work and fear suffering serious injury. The only thing you should be worrying about is getting the job done. However, this is not the reality for all construction workers. If you or someone you know has suffered from an injury from a construction accident, it may in your best interest to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C., a trusted law firm serving Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and the surrounding areas, which specializes in construction accident injuries.

What are some causes of construction accidents?

Every construction accident case is different. However, there are many commonalities among these accidents, especially those that cause serious injury. It is not uncommon for the company that hired you to be liable for your injury on the job, especially if it is a direct result of their negligence. Some of the most common causes of construction accidents include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Lack of protection for the workers
  • Falls because of lack of safety
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Collisions with machinery
  • Getting struck by a moving object
  • Ladder accidents
  • Scaffolding accidents

Regardless of the cause of the accident, if you believe that your injury was not your fault, you may have a case to bring forward in court. Whether it’s a simple broken bone, serious spinal damage, or head injury, when you get hurt on the job it shouldn’t be a matter of whether or not you can afford it. From hospitalization to doctor’s visits to physical therapy and whatever other long-term medical assistance you may need, caring and treating your injury can be incredibly costly. It is not secret that the American medical system is costly and can pose serious financial burdens of victims and their families.

Why should I higher a construction accident lawyer?

In addition to the emotional cost of suffering from a construction-related injury, you shouldn’t have to worry about the building medical bills and the complicated legal paperwork. When your employer is responsible for your injury, it is important to get the fair compensation you deserve in order to pay off both the cost of medical bills and the time you cannot be actively working. By hiring a construction accident lawyer, you are hiring someone to help you sort out the legal issues of your case and you are also hiring someone to fight alongside you in order for you to receive the compensation you deserve.

Call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today and we will be more than happy to set you up with a skilled construction accident lawyer on our team.

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