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Personal Injury Lawyer Vienna VA

Personal Injury Lawyer Vienna VAWhen searching for a top personal injury lawyer Vienna VA can provide, it’s easy to feel confused about what types of damages you might be able to claim. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our lawyers understand that injury cases can be very complicated. No one can rightfully claim that they are “the best” personal injury lawyer Vienna VA has to offer, but our firm has built a reputation for defending clients effectively. We understand that for many injured clients, obtaining a personal injury settlement can be absolutely essential.

There are several different situations that could potentially justify taking legal action, but the damages that a client might request are not always the same. As an experienced personal injury lawyer Vienna VA can provide will know, it is important that our clients understand what types of damages they might be granted in a case. Here is a quick look at what damages the typical personal injury claimant might be able to successfully request:

Medical Costs

Clients often choose to file an injury lawsuit with the help of a personal injury lawyer Vienna VA trusts to receive financial compensation to cover medical costs. Even a minor injury could require substantial medical treatment over a length of time. A severe injury could easily lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills before the injured individual is even aware of what has happened. Severe injuries also carry the risk of leaving the victim temporarily or permanently disabled.

When an individual makes a personal injury claim to cover medical costs, it may be possible to receive compensatory damages, like:

  • Hospital bills
  • Ambulance fees
  • Prescription medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Lab testing
  • X-rays

It’s also possible, with a severe injury, for medical costs to become ongoing. Claimants may be able to receive damages for medical costs in the past and also estimated medical costs in the future. In this situation, it might be necessary to seek legal counsel from an experienced personal injury lawyer Vienna VA can provide. A skilled personal injury lawyer will likely know what documentation a claimant should seek from a medical professional to show proof that an injury requires ongoing treatment.

Lost Wages

When an individual sustains an injury in an accident, it’s also possible that he or she must take time away from work in order to recover. This would likely lead to a substantial loss of income. Lost wages are another type of compensatory damage that may be recovered in a personal injury claim.

It could also be possible for an injured claimant to obtain compensation if he or she sustains an injury that impairs his/her ability to perform necessary job functions, either causing temporary or permanent disability. With a permanent disability, this individual might be forced to look for employment elsewhere — and if another job opportunity is available, it might still pay a salary that is substantially lower than what the previous employer paid. If this occurs, it could be possible for claimants to receive additional compensation; although it may be best to discuss this matter first with a Vienna VA personal injury lawyer. A claimant who has sustained a debilitating injury will likely be able to obtain compensation beyond just lost wages.

Pain and Suffering

The phrase “pain and suffering” is the legal term for the mental and physical anguish that an injured victim faces after the injury. As an experienced personal injury in Vienna VA will likely attest, it can be very difficult to put a definitive price tag on an individual’s psychological pain. When an individual sustains a severe disability or is killed because of an accident, there is certainly no amount of money to replace that individual’s life. Nevertheless, financial compensation could ease the burden of lifelong medical care or end-of-life care.

When a person sustains a fatal injury, it may be possible for his or her spouse to claim a wrongful death lawsuit. Loss of affection could potentially be cited in an injury case if the individual survives the accident, but cannot continue a relationship with his/her spouse as before. The psychological stress of a car accident or a major surgical error, for example, could cause disabling mental trauma for the victim. This stress, naturally, could affect the individual’s family a great deal as well. It is not always possible for families to recover as a whole after a traumatic incident occurs.

Because it can be so difficult to put a numerical value on someone’s pain and suffering, it is likely that several factors will come into play when the court is determining a reasonable settlement. (If the settlement can be reached in an out-of-court negotiation process, both sides might work together, possibly with a mediator or arbitrator, to determine the value of these factors.) These settlement claims typically consider factors such as age, family history, length of recovery, the amount of pain the individual physically feels, and whether the individual is able to partake in activities that once brought enjoyment. A settlement that focuses heavily on an individual’s pain and suffering will likely benefit from the legal counsel of a personal injury lawyer Vienna VA residents trust.

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