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Personal Injury Lawyer Tysons VA

Personal Injury Lawyer Tysons VAIf you’ve been injured in an accident, you might be wondering whether it’s time to hire a good personal injury lawyer Tysons VA residents can trust. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we understand that it might be difficult for clients to know when exactly a personal injury lawyer is necessary. While no one can accurately say that they are “the best” personal injury lawyer Tysons VA residents would recommend, our team of litigators has settled thousands of cases for injured clients for a collective compensation of over $100 million in damages. We have built a strong reputation for being reliable, dependable, and knowledgeable about a variety of different personal injury fields.

When individuals come to our firm seeking legal counsel for personal injury claims, we believe it’s our duty to provide the most honest and transparent information that can feasibly be given. Each individual’s case is unique and each case is influenced by different factors. It’s our job, at Cohen and Cohen, P.C., to make sure that every client is confident in our ability to provide valuable counsel and litigation services.

If you’ve been injured recently, or if a loved one has been severely injured, here’s a quick look at what you might encounter during the legal proceedings for an injury claim:

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

When you seek legal counsel from a trusted personal injury lawyer Tysons VA can provide, such as the lawyers you might find at Cohen and Cohen, P.C., this legal professional will likely have experience handling several different types of personal injury claims. Some of the more common situations that can cause personal injuries can include:

  • Car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents: It’s possible for an injured individual to suffer from severe injuries after an auto accident. It’s not always easy proving liability in an auto accident case, and some insurance companies have a history of refusing to pay injured claimants the reasonable settlements that they deserve.
  • Medical malpractice:Medical malpractice cases can include birth injuries (including inadequate prenatal care), mistakes during surgery, anesthesia errors, prescription errors, misdiagnosis or late diagnosis, and faulty test results or faulty medical equipment. The medical industry is inherently risky for patients, as a seasoned personal injury lawyer Tysons VA can provide will likely know; medical professionals rarely guarantee that a patient will be cured or that a procedure will be performed without any error. However, it may be possible to make a legal case if a medical professional provides inadequate care that is far below what would reasonably be expected.
  • Slip and fall accidents:No store, office building, or publicly-owned location can prevent every slip and fall accident from happening. However, the owners of these locations have a duty to ensure that reasonable safety measures are used to limit the risk of slip and fall accidents when feasible. It’s common for these accidents to occur on icy sidewalks or parking lots, for example, or in buildings where the floor is wet. These types of accidents can cause very serious injuries, as a seasoned personal injury lawyer Tysons VA will likely know.

Negligence and Duty of Care

An individual wishing to obtain injury compensation, in most situations, will have the responsibility of proving that another party was negligent. Negligence in a personal injury claim is often described in conjunction with the legal phrase “duty of care.” This phrase is legally defined as the basic duty of one individual to take reasonable measures so as to lessen the risk of harm done to another individual.

If a sidewalk is covered in ice, for example, the municipality that owns the sidewalk may be responsible for spreading salt on the ground. If a customer in a store drops something containing a liquid on the floor, the store has a duty to clean up the spill (within a reasonable timeframe) or provide clear warning signs that the floor is wet. Any individual driving a car has a duty to signal a lane change before moving over, and medical professionals have a duty to prescribe the correct amount of prescription drugs to the correct patients.

These actions do not necessarily prevent an injury from occurring, as an experienced Tysons VA personal injury lawyer may attest. Nevertheless, these actions will likely reduce the risk of injury substantially — and therefore, it is important for a claimant to prove that the liable party did not exercise a reasonable duty of care.

Why are injury claims important?

The primary reason for making a personal injury claim is to recover financial losses from an injury (or obtain the money necessary to cover costs in the future). Individuals who suffer from a personal injury often seek legal counsel from a trusted personal injury lawyer in Tysons VA before taking any legal action. Many individuals ultimately decide to make a claim for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To cover past, present, and future medical bills
  • The recover lost wages
  • To compensate for pain and suffering
  • To compensate for loss of companionship and/or loss of life

In many cases it is possible for an injury claim to be settled outside of the courtroom, especially if the claimant is working with a skilled lawyer. Out-of-court settlements occur more often than many people think, and these processes can actually be very beneficial for the client. Nevertheless, it’s also possible for an injury case to remain disputed and to require an official lawsuit in court. When this is the case, it can be imperative for a claimant to be working with a capable lawyer or law firm.

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If you’ve been injured and you believe you might have a personal injury case, the lawyers at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. want to hear from you. Our legal team understands that these cases can be complex and we aim to provide clients with as much support and information as possible. To schedule a free case evaluation with a personal injury lawyer Tysons VA can depend on, contact our firm today.

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