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Information about Back Injuries from a Personal Injury Lawyer Arlington VA Residents Believe In

Personal Injury Lawyer Arlington VA When dealing with a back injury, finding a personal injury lawyer Arlington VAresidents believe in is a high priority. The Cohen and Cohen, P.C. team understands the complexities of personal injury cases and are very knowledgeable about back injury claims. We have litigated more than 5,000 personal injury cases, recovering more than $100 million for our clients.

Back injuries can be very serious and complicated due to the varying ways in which a back can become injured.  If you have injured your back as a result of an accident that was not your fault, you may find the following information about back injuries and claims helpful. Our attorneys will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your case. We encourage you to make an appointment today for a free consultation.

Spinal Regions and Recovery Times

Medical professionals divide the spine into three areas: the lower back (lumbar vertebrae), the upper back (thoracic vertebrae), and the neck (cervical vertebrae). Muscles, tendons, nerves, discs, and ligaments surround each of those sections. Depending on the degree of injury, and where it’s located, the pain can be excruciating or hardly noticeable. Recovery time varies by individual and can be affected by:

  • Age
  • Overall health
  • Level of physical fitness at the time of injury
  • Genetics
  • Early treatment

Treating Back Injuries

Back injuries can be complex and difficult to diagnose without a series of tests. These may include:

  • X-rays
  • MRIs
  • CT scans
  • Bone scans
  • Myelograms

Treatment may depend on the type of injury and its seriousness. It’s possible that treatment time will be limited to short term physical therapy. Chiropractic treatments can be very helpful for many types of back injuries. For severe back injuries, surgery may be necessary. Medical costs can rise quickly which is why it may be a good idea to work with a personal injury lawyer Arlington VA victims have hired for similar cases.

Common Back Injury Claims

  1. Spinal cord injuries. These can be the most serious of all back injuries and claims can run into the high dollar amount. Two types of spinal injuries are very common:
  • Thoracic spine injuries. The upper back (thoracic spine) is attached to the chest and ribs. Very often, fractures and sprains in the thoracic spine region occur when the victim is involved in a high speed vehicle accident. A common side effect of this injury is permanent nerve damage.
  • Lumbar spine injuries. The body’s five biggest vertebrae are located in the lumbar spine. The vertebrae work with the strongest muscles to stabilize the spine. This is why lumbar injuries are often extremely painful. Ligament damage is considered a sprain. A strain is when the ligaments, muscles, or tendons are stretched. Both share symptoms of swelling, soreness, bruising, and can limit movement.
  • Herniated disk injuries. This type of back injury claim can be minor or it can be catastrophic. Almost any personal injury lawyer Arlington VA locals choose will underscore the importance of undergoing a thorough medical exam as soon as possible after the injury. A physician can give you a clearer picture of what to expect from a herniated disk in your particular situation. They can also give you an estimate of the recovery time. Litigation of this kind of back injury claim hinges on two factors:
  • Is this a first time injury, or have you had previous injuries in that same location? If you have have old scar tissue or degradation from a previous injury, a good personal injury lawyer Arlington VA trusts will try to prove that the earlier injury is irrelevant to your current condition.
  • How is your quality of life affected by this most recent injury? An experienced Arlington VA personal injury lawyer may try to paint a before and after picture of the accident’s effects.
  • Soft tissue back injuries. This kind of injury can be challenging for attorneys to prove because there are limited diagnostic tests available to show this type of damage. A personal injury lawyer in Arlington VA will determine the strength of your case based on:
  • The severity of the soft tissue injury and its effects on your well-being.
  • Whether or not you’ve experienced previous injuries in the same area of your back.
  • Your credibility as a witness if your case goes to trial.

The Challenges of Pre-Existing Back Injuries

As an experienced personal injury lawyer Arlington VA back injury victims seek for legal help, we understand that a pre-existing injury doesn’t invalidate your claim out-right. The challenge is often in making an insurance company or jury understand that as well. Not every personal injury lawyer Arlington VA accident victims go to for help has the level of experience needed. A good attorney will likely present the following in your accident claim or lawsuit:

  • A comparison of your condition before the accident as compared to your current condition
  • A doctor’s assessment of how your previous injury does not mitigate your most recent injury
  • A doctor’s estimate of how long it will take, if ever, for you to recover from your most recent injury

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