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Personal Injury Claims FAQ

Washington DC Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Washington DCPersonal injury claims FAQ and answers can be found here but a better way to get your questions answered is to discuss your situation with a reputable personal injury lawyer.

When you’ve been injured from the negligent actions of another person, you may want to consider speaking to a Washington DC personal injury lawyer. By doing so you can learn about your legal options and make a well-informed decision on what to do next.

Voted as one of Washington DC’s best lawyers for over a decade, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. has extensive experience getting justice for victims. With a skill set and confidence that promotes success, our law firm may be able to help you and your family get maximum compensation. To share your story with a personal injury lawyer in Washington DC please call Cohen and Cohen, P.C. at (202) 902-8020.


Personal Injury Claims FAQ

I was recently in an accident and have surmounting financial costs. What should I do?

Medical treatment should be your priority. You should also file a police report and make an effort to collect the contact details of any witnesses. Other information that could be useful includes photographic evidence and medical records.  A Washington DC personal injury lawyer may help you with this process and can work diligently to get you compensated for your financial struggles.

Personal Injury Claims FAQ

The insurance company keeps offering me money. Should I accept?

Insurance companies may have a team of lawyers looking out for their best interest — and so should you. It’s highly advisable to avoid speaking to the insurer or signing any documentation without understanding what it means. Reaching out to a Washington DC personal injury lawyer could be a smart choice and entitle you to larger settlements. Please call Cohen and Cohen, P.C. today.

Personal Injury Claims FAQ

I don’t have the money to hire a lawyer. Do I still have a chance at getting compensation?

When you entrust Cohen and Cohen, P.C. to handle your personal injury claim, there are no upfront costs. As a contingency fee-based law firm, we don’t get paid unless you do too. This means you have nothing to lose and should find out what a Washington DC personal injury lawyer has to say.

Personal Injury Claims FAQ

A loved one died from the result of negligence. Can I file a claim?

Known as a wrongful death claim, these cases may help to relieve you of financial burdens and the emotional loss incurred from such a devastating accident. Wrongful death claims can be complex and require extensive research to build a strong defense- the sooner you contact a lawyer, the better the outcome could be.

Personal Injury Claims FAQ

How might Cohen and Cohen, P.C. help me?

As a Washington DC personal injury lawyer, we do more than recover monetary damages for the burdens that arise after an accident. Our lawyers ensure your rights are protected to their fullest while alleviating the pressure associated with seeking damages. You can rest easy in knowing our vast experience may help us to reach a settlement that is fair and just. Finally, a lawyer may provide you with the emotional support you need to get you through this period and on with life.

Cohen and Cohen, P.C., A DC Law Firm You Can Count on for Optimal Results

No matter how you have been injured, if you think that negligence or carelessness was a factor, Cohen and Cohen, P.C., would like to hear your story. To schedule a free consultation with a Washington DC personal injury lawyer, please call (202) 902-8020.

While some of your personal injury claims FAQ may have been answered here, discussing the specifics of your unique situation with one of the experienced and compassionate lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., may help you to determine if you have a personal injury claim that you can seek compensation for.


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