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Motorcycle Accidents: When a Biker’s Equipment Fails

How Gaithersburg, MD bike accident lawyers can help when your motorcycle fails you

Gaithersburg MD Bike Accident LawyersMotorcycle riding can be exhilarating and freeing, but it also comes with its dangers that  Gaithersburg, MD bike accident lawyers know all too well. When a vital piece of equipment on the bike fails, the result can be catastrophic for the rider. Even if the rider is travelling at a low rate of speed, if a part fails that affects something such as the steering or braking they could sustain a serious or fatal injury. Motorcycle accident lawyers have seen the tragic consequences of this scenario. In part, this is why many law firms have dedicated themselves to fighting for the rights of motorcyclists and their families. Call one today if you or a loved one was injured in a preventable accident that occurred because of a defective motorcycle part. Gaithersburg, MD bike accident lawyers can review your case usually at no charge and determine if they might be able to seek compensation on your behalf from the responsible party. In advance of your case review, the below information may be of interest to you.

Normal Wear and Tear

As with any other type of vehicle, the parts on a motorcycle will wear out over time. This is normal and acceptable. However, the parts’ manufacturer has the responsibility to manufacture products that are safe and have a reasonable shelf life. If the part that failed you was used in the way that the manufacturer intended, and it was relatively new, it might be considered defective. As a result, Gaithersburg, MD bike accident lawyers will likely tell you that you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer. A lawsuit of this type relies on strict liability laws rely on your motorcycle accident lawyer proving the following:

  • The motorcycle part was defective.
  • The defective part caused the accident.
  • The accident resulted in your serious injury (or the fatality of your loved one).

Common Examples of Defective Motorcycle Parts

Nearly any part of a motorcycle can be defective, but in terms of causing accidents there are certain defective parts that can be deadly. They include:

  • Brakes
  • Steering mechanism
  • Tires
  • Fuel system

Class Action Lawsuits

Gaithersburg, MD bike accident lawyers can represent a group of victims. It’s not unusual for a group of victims to file a class action lawsuit against the party responsible for their injuries. When it comes to defective motorcycle parts, if a number of people experienced the same failure and were seriously injured as a result, it may behoove them to join a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer. There are some benefits to this as you would not have to pay upfront costs but you might benefit from the settlement paid by the plaintiff to the group of victims.

The Biker’s Choice

If you or your loved one were seriously injured in an accident, call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. to request a free consultation and we will more than happy to set you up with Gaithersburg, MD bike accident lawyers.

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