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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Vienna VA

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Vienna VAAnyone searching for a top motorcycle accident lawyer Vienna VA can provide may already know just how disastrous these types of vehicle accidents can be. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our legal team understands that motorcycle accident cases can involve very severe injuries. These cases often need extra attention or special care from an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Vienna VA has to offer. This is where Cohen and Cohen, P.C. may be able to help.

Although no one can say that they are the “best” motorcycle accident lawyer Vienna VA residents would recommend, our legal team has an extensive amount of experience defending residents in and around the Vienna region. We know that motorcycle accident injuries require careful consideration and attention to detail. We also know that after a motorcycle crash, accident victims might feel very confused and frustrated.

Motorcycle accident victims may benefit from the assistance of a motorcycle accident lawyer Vienna VA can provide simply because these types of collisions are very different from other auto accidents.

Motorcyclists Face Many Dangers on the Road

Motorcyclists face plenty of risks on the road, while drivers of other passenger cars might not be affected as much by these issues. A large pothole, for example, can cause damage to a vehicle’s tires — but it can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of the vehicle and can end with a fatal crash.

It’s important for a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer Vienna VA has to offer to consider all of these factors during an injury case. Poor road conditions, for example, could result in a crash or could exacerbate a collision with another vehicle. It’s possible that an insurance company would argue that the motorcyclist was partially responsible for his or her injuries in this type of situation — even though the municipality that failed to keep its roads safe would be responsible.

It’s also possible that small road hazards could cause a motorcyclist to crash into a freestanding object, such as a tree or a telephone pole, without involving any other vehicles. These accidents can be just as damaging to motorcyclists as multi-vehicle crashes.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries Can Be Very Severe

The metal framework of passenger cars and trucks is essential for occupants during an accident. This framework acts as a barrier between the occupants and the outside environment, and it helps keep occupants inside the vehicle in a crash. Motorcycles, however, do not provide the same protection to riders. In fact, there is virtually no barrier that helps keep a motorcyclist protected during a collision.

When a motorcyclist is ejected from the seat during a crash, it’s more likely that this individual will experience very traumatic injuries. These injuries are fatal in a large portion of cases. According to 2014 data from the NHTSA, motorcycle accident fatalities account for 14% of all traffic accident fatalities in the U.S. — even though motorcycles represent less than 1% of all miles traveled. When a motorcycle accident does occur, the effects tend to be incredibly damaging.

Even when a motorcyclist wears protective clothing and a helmet, it’s still possible to sustain severe injuries to the head and brain — among other injuries that cannot be prevented through the use of a helmet. Some states require motorcycle operators and passengers to wear helmets, but as an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Vienna VA might attest, this does not ensure that riders will be fully protected.

Insurance Companies Might Not Be Easy To Work With

Many injured accident victims find that it’s difficult to receive compensation because an insurance company refuses provide a settlement (or refuses to offer a fair settlement). Insurance companies have one primary goal, and that goal is to make a profit — it’s not about protecting injured accident victims. The more money paid out in settlement claims, the less profit an insurance company brings in.

Helmet use — or lack thereof — can play a big role in an insurance company’s willingness to offer a reasonable settlement to an injured motorcyclist. Some insurance providers have been known to argue that if a motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet or other protective gear, that individual could be partially responsible for his or her injuries. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer Vienna VA respects will likely know that this is not necessarily the case — but when an insurance company sees an opportunity to avoid paying money in a claim, it’s possible that the company will take advantage of that.

Insurance companies might also attempt to argue that a motorcyclist knew the risks he or she was taking when riding a motorcycle. While these vehicles are inherently more dangerous than other types of occupant vehicles, they are still entitled to the same injury protections under traffic legislation.

Contact a Local Vienna VA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

Motorcycle accidents can be especially traumatic and the injuries resulting from an accident could potentially have lifelong consequences. When a motorcyclist is injured because of another driver’s mistakes, that motorcyclist deserves a fair opportunity to claim financial damages. The process of claiming motorcycle accident injury compensation can be very complex, and this is where a motorcycle accident lawyer Vienna VA can provide might be able to help.

The attorneys at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. understand that motorcyclists often face many risks on the road that other drivers don’t have to think about. Despite the increased dangers, motorcycle riders still deserve to receive adequate compensation when another driver causes an accident that leads to injuries. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, or if someone you love has sustained a life-threatening injury in one of these collisions, you might wish to contact a personal injury lawyer for assistance and legal counsel. For more information about the legal team at Cohen and Cohen, P.C., or to set up a confidential case evaluation with a motorcycle accident lawyer Vienna VA motorcyclists trust, contact our firm today.

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