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Motorcycle accident lawyer Northern Virginia

Motorcycle accident lawyer Northern VirginiaMotorcycle accidents happen frequently, and most require the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer Northern Virginia residents can count on. Motorcycle accidents can be some of the most dangerous accidents to occur on the roads. While every driver puts themselves at risk before they get behind the wheel, motorcyclists are especially susceptible to injury. This is because, even with a helmet, motorcycle riders do not have much protection. Unlike cars which have airbags, seat belts, and steel, motorcycles leave most of the rider exposed. Even riders who are careful enough to wear helmets are not exempt from serious damage.

Virginia alone has witnessed many motorcycle crashes each year. These crashes are complex and can affect the entire family, so a motorcycle accident lawyer Northern Virginia needs is one that understands this reality. According to a recent study conducted by the Virginia Highway Safety Office, there are approximately 2,119 accidents involving motorcycles that occur each year. Of these accidents, 107 resulted in fatalities of the motorcycle rider. More than 1,790 riders were injured and among these upwards of 770 were seriously injured. Unfortunately, Virginia is no exception to a national trend of motorcycle accidents. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in a year alone, there were 88,000 people injured as a result of a motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle crashes can be caused for different reasons. A motorcycle accident lawyer Northern Virginia can rely on is one that will fight for you no matter the cause. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes include:

– Speeding
– Extreme weather patterns (such as snow or heavy rains)
– Distracted nearby drivers
– Hazardous objects in the road
– Poorly maintained roads
– Driving under the influence of alcohol and other dangerous substances
– Texting while driving

Most of these causes of motorcycle accidents will also result in injury. In addition to the damage to the vehicles in the crash, there is also a physical toll any accident has on all parties involved. The severity of injury can range depending on the cause. A motorcycle accident lawyer Northern Virginia residents need is one that will. fight for you to get fair compensation to pay for the treatment of these injuries. The most common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents include:

– Bruises
– Head injuries
– Broken bones
– Fractured bones
– Road rash
– Skin irritation
– Disfigurement
– Whiplash
– Death

These injuries can have a big emotional toll on the victim as well as the family of the victim. They can take up your time, whether it be rushing from doctor’s appointments or participating in physical therapy. They can take your time away from important things like your job or quality time with your family and friends. Motorcycle crashes are also a financial burden. A motorcycle accident lawyer Northern Virginia locals can depend on should understand the economic strain an accident can have on a person. In fact, the Government Accountability Office estimates that every year, motorcycle accidents total to $16 billion cost. For this reason it is important to find an attorney that will fight for you to get the fair compensation you deserve.

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