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Motorcycle accident lawyer Maryland

Motorcycle accident lawyer MarylandMotorcycle accidents happen frequently, and most require a motorcycle accident lawyer Maryland residents can trust. Driving in Maryland can be dangerous, especially with highways like Indian Head Highway (Route 210). It can be especially dangerous for motorcycle drivers, who make up many of the injuries that occur from motor vehicle accidents. In fact, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation, in 2016 there were 1,516 crashes that involved a motorcycle. Of these crashes, 1,291 resulted in injury and 75 resulted in death. Maryland is no exception to the nationwide trend of motorcycle incidents. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, there are 88,00 annual injuries that are consequences of a motorcycle crash.

A motorcycle accident lawyer Maryland needs is also someone who understands that motorcycle crashes be caused by various factors. These causes may be a result of another driver, or even the conditions of the road and weather. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

– Dangerous weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.)
– Hazardous objects on the roads
– Poor maintenance of the roads
– The influence of alcohol or other substances
– Speeding
– Other driver’s negligence
– Texting or calling while driving

Almost all motorcycle accidents lead to injury. While the severity of injury varies based on the cause of the crash, all may have serious and long-term consequences for all parties involved. A motorcycle accident lawyer Maryland residents can rely on should understand this. Some common motorcycle crash injuries include:

– Head injuries
– Bone fractures
– Broken bones
– Bruises and abrasions
– Whiplash
– Skin irritation
– Muscle strains

These injuries can cause a lot of emotional stress not only for those effected, but also for the families and loved ones involved.In addition to the emotional stress motorcycle crash injuries can be extremely expensive. According a recent study by the Government Accountability Office, motorcycle accidents were the most expensive of any other motor vehicle incident. Motorcycle crashes cost upwards of $16 billion annually. For this reason, a motorcycle accident lawyer Maryland locals can count on is necessary in order to ensure victims of a crash get the fair compensation they deserve. In fact, for non-fatal motorcycle crashes the average cost is anywhere between $2,500 and $1.4 million and for fatal crashes, the cost can be upwards of $1.2 million. These expenses can be incredibly tolling on a person, and most cannot afford it.

Motorcycle crash injuries can result in permanent damage. They may require long-term hospitalization or physical therapy. Other injuries may cause debilitations that take time away from work, and some may entirely cause the demobilization of an individual. The motorcycle accident lawyer Maryland needs is one that understands that nobody who has suffered from a motorcycle injury should have to worry about fighting insurance companies to be able to afford it.

If you or someone you know has suffered from a motorcycle crash, call Cohen and Cohen, PC. today. At Cohen and Cohen, we believe every single person deserves fair compensation and we will fight on your behalf to find all the facts to help your case. We don’t get scared off by big insurance companies.If you call today, we will be more than happy to set you up with a motorcycle accident lawyer Maryland residents have relied on for years.

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