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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Arlington VA

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Arlington VAIf you are considering hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer Arlington VA bikers choose to represent them, call Cohen and Cohen, P.C. Our attorneys have extensive experience. We have represented more than 10,000 personal injury victims, recovering more than $100 million in compensation.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you probably have questions. Here are answers to many of the most common questions we hear from personal injury victims.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have motorcycle insurance, do I need a motorcycle accident attorney?

Insurance companies lose money whenever they pay out a claim. Many insurance companies will deny claims or significantly delay payment even if the accident was not your fault. When dealing with them on your own, you may not be able to negotiate a fair settlement. You might also feel forced to work within their timeline rather than your own. Cohen and Cohen offers a free no-obligation consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your case and decide if it’s your best option to hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Arlington VA values.

Am I required to have motorcycle insurance?

In most states, motorcycle insurance is required. Liability insurance coverage may include compensation for injuries and property damages caused by the accident. Depending on your policy, liability insurance may also cover your legal fees.

What if I’m issued a speeding ticket as a result of my motorcycle accident? Can I still file an injury claim?

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Arlington VA riders rely on will likely understand that, despite the speeding ticket, you may be eligible to collect damages for your personal injury. It may be advantageous to discuss the details of your case with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Arlington VA believes in.

Do I have to notify the police about my motorcycle accident?

In most scenarios, you are required to notify the police if the accident involves a fatality, personal injury, or property damage beyond a certain dollar amount. Typically, the police officer on scene will investigate the accident and file a report with his or her findings. It can be very helpful to your case to get a copy of that accident report. Almost any motorcycle accident lawyer Arlington VA accident victims contact will want to read that report while proceeding with your case.

Do I have to appear in court?

Many motorcycle accident cases, even those involving personal injuries, can be settled out of court. Our attorneys at Cohen and Cohen try to settle out of court whenever possible. This helps our clients avoid lengthy, expensive trials. However, if your Arlington VA motorcycle accident lawyer cannot negotiate a settlement, your case may proceed to a trial. In that scenario, you may have to appear in court.

Who do I call for legal help if I’m injured in a motorcycle accident?

Cohen and Cohen attorneys can be reached in emergencies 24/7, evenings and weekends. We offer a free no-obligation consultation. If you are hospitalized and unable to come to our offices, call us to arrange an in-hospital meeting.

Do I really need a motorcycle accident attorney if my injuries are minor?

Almost any motorcycle accident lawyer in Arlington VA can tell you of clients who at first appeared uninjured or only had minor injuries. Later, these same clients discovered their injuries were far more serious. Adrenaline and shock can hide or disguise symptoms and pain. After you receive medical attention, a Cohen and Cohen attorney can discuss your case with you and develop an appropriate strategy to recover your costs.

What kind of compensation can I expect to get for my injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident?

This often varies on a case by case basis, so it is best to discuss your situation with a motorcycle accident lawyer Arlington VA residents go to for answers. Generally speaking, you may qualify for compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Recovery of income or lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

Who was at fault if a car turned left in front of me while I was riding my motorcycle and I hit them?

In most cases, the at-fault driver in that scenario is the one making the left turn. As the driver going straight, you should have had the right-of-way unless:

  • You went through a red light and they had a green arrow for turning
  • You were excessively speeding

Does every state require motorcyclists to wear a helmet?

Almost every state requires riders to wear a helmet, but the law can vary according to the age of the rider and other factors. If not wearing a helmet is relevant to your personal injury case, your attorney may be able to offer specific information on your situation based on state and local legislation.

I wasn’t wearing a helmet when I was injured in a motorcycle accident. Can I recover damages from the other driver?

In most instances, even if it’s illegal to not wear a helmet, that shouldn’t prevent you from recovering damages. If the other driver was at fault, very likely you can seek damages from them. If not wearing your helmet contributed to your injury, in some cases that can affect the amount of damages you can collect.

If I have health insurance or paid sick leave from work, will I get a smaller settlement amount?

If your health insurance company pays out any of your costs related to the accident, you may be required to reimburse them for those amounts after you receive a settlement. A motorcycle accident lawyer Arlington VA motorists turn to may be able to review the details of your case and advise you on what costs you may need to repay your insurance company.

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Motorcycle accidents can be devastating; and their aftermath can be confusing and overwhelming. If you need a motorcycle accident lawyer Arlington VA bikers rely on, call Cohen and Cohen, P.C., today.

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