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Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Cheverly MD

Mediation for Injury Claims: A Brief Guide

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Cheverly MDSearching for a top motor vehicle accident lawyer Cheverly MD can provide might not be easy — but at our firm, we believe that it shouldn’t be impossible. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we believe that clients deserve to work with a talented motor vehicle accident lawyer Cheverly MD residents can trust. Car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents can produce very severe injuries. It is important for injured victims to know that they may be able to receive financial compensation for the injuries they have suffered.

Despite what many people think, it’s very likely that injured claimants may choose to pursue compensation through other means before jumping into a lawsuit. Even when an injured plaintiff decides to file a lawsuit, it still may be possible to reach a settlement through informal negotiations, thereby avoiding a lawsuit entirely. Not every injury claim is best settled through mediation, as an experienced Cheverly MD motor vehicle accident lawyer might explain. However, this method of resolving a dispute may prove to be beneficial in certain cases. Here’s a quick look at what mediation might entail after a motor vehicle accident:

Mediation: An Introduction

Mediation is a way of settling a dispute outside of the courtroom. Many types of legal disputes can be addressed through mediation, including personal injury disputes. It’s possible for an injured victim to disagree with an insurance company about a reasonable settlement after an accident occurs. In cases where there are disputes, it’s likely that the insurance company will argue for a much lower settlement amount and the injured claimant will argue for a higher amount.

When these disputes cannot be resolved quickly, a motor vehicle accident lawyer Cheverly MD residents recommend might advise taking legal action in order to reach a settlement.

While some claimants choose to file a lawsuit to receive compensation, many others choose to begin a mediation process. This process is more informal than a standard personal injury lawsuit, and it may provide both parties with a reasonable solution in a quicker manner. For a claimant who wishes to receive his/her settlement money as soon as possible, mediation may be the ideal choice primarily for this reason. It can also be much less expensive than a lawsuit.

How Mediation Can Resolve a Car Accident Injury Dispute

In mediation, both sides are able to present their argument to a third-party individual, known as the mediator. Mediators are often trained in resolving legal disputes, and they may have previous experience working in the legal profession. The process of mediation is fairly informal, allowing both sides to express their grievances in a time — and cost — effective manner.

There are a few defining features of mediation that set it apart from arbitration and from civil court lawsuits:

  • Mediation is conducted outside of the courtroom and neither side is necessarily under oath during discussions. Many individuals believe this provides a less stressful environment for both parties to talk freely and without worrying that an off-the-cuff statement may be used against them in a later lawsuit. Both sides are typically asked to sign an agreement pertaining to this.
  • Both sides must also agree to the process of mediation; in other words, mediation cannot commence if only one side wishes it. As a seasoned motor vehicle accident lawyer Cheverly MD offers may explain, it’s likely for insurance companies to agree to mediation as an alternative to civil court cases when an injured claimant requests it. This is because the procedure is often faster and less costly — not just for the claimant, but for the insurer as well.
  • If an injured claimant engages in mediation, it is possible for him/her to be represented in these discussions by a motor vehicle accident lawyer Cheverly MD has to offer.
  • Mediators may allow both sides to present appropriate evidence, such as medical bills or accident reports, during discussions. However, because the process is less formal than a civil court procedure, it’s not as likely for a mediator to invite additional testimonies or extensive documentation reports that may tie up the proceedings.
  • The role of the mediator is unique from the role of an arbitrator or judge. Mediators typically focus on allowing both sides to present their cases fully and to help explain arguments to either side. A mediator will propose suggestions on how the dispute may be resolved after hearing arguments from both sides.
  • However, the defining feature of mediation is that the proposed resolution is not binding. If one side does not believe that it is a fair proposal, or if both sides do not believe it is fair, they are free to pursue other legal avenues for resolving the matter. This allows a claimant to pursue a lawsuit if he/she decides that the mediator’s proposal is not ideal — but it also allows the insurance company to hold out on paying a settlement to the claimant, too.

As an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer Cheverly MD trusts might explain, mediation has both advantages and disadvantages for injured accident victims. Mediation may not be the perfect solution for every injury claim dispute but it can be a very beneficial procedure in certain cases.

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At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., we understand that car accidents can cause substantial harm to the victims involved. Even a minor accident can produce severe injuries or injuries that require long-term medical treatment. It’s important to make sure that injured victims can focus on their recovery process, rather than having to worry about the legal processes necessary to obtain financial compensation.

At our firm, we know that injury claims can be complicated and the process of mediation might be the best way for injured victims to receive damages quickly, efficiently, and fairly. For individuals who have never filed a personal injury complaint or claim before, mediation might initially appear to be a complex process. It’s our job, at Cohen and Cohen, P.C., to make sure that each of our clients works with a talented and capable motor vehicle accident lawyer in Cheverly MD who can make mediation more approachable.

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