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Mother Sues Scooter Company for Daughter's Death

Mother Sues Scooter Company for Death

Date12 Feb 2019

Tracy Jordan, the mother of a woman who fell into a coma after crashing her scooter, has filed a lawsuit against Lime, the company that operates them.

Ashanti Jordan, a security guard at Broward Health Medical Center, was riding in a scooter on Dec. 28 when she crashed into a car at an intersection in a residential area. She was thrown about 100 feet and suffered broken bones, rib fractures and a catastrophic brain injury. Doctors had to remove a large portion of her skull to relieve pressure on her swollen brain.

Ashanti remains in a vegetative state to this day. She has started having seizures, so doctors have had to bring her to the intensive care unit several times.

The lawsuit accuses Lime of misleading Ashanti and other riders in its instructions not to use sidewalks. Under city rules, riders have to use sidewalks and it’s illegal to use scooters on roads.

“Lime is telling these people to break the law. As a result, these poor people are riding in traffic,” Todd Falzone, the family lawyer said. “They are getting hit by cars, they are hitting pedestrians, they’re having all manner of accidents that shouldn’t be occurring.”

Lime provided a statement in response to the lawsuit.

“The safety of our riders and the community is our highest priority, and we’re committed to making our streets safer by working with local governments to support safe infrastructure for scooters and bikes. Our thoughts remain with Ms. Jordan and her family.”

Tracy said she remains hopeful in her daughter’s recovery, but reminders of her daughter’s accident are difficult to avoid on the streets of Fort Lauderdale.

“I just can’t even stand to see a scooter, it’s so traumatizing at this point,” she said. “I have to cover my eyes.”


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