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Medical Mistake Lawyer PG County

6 Common Medical Mistakes That Can Lead to a Medical Malpractice Claim | Medical Mistake Lawyer PG County

Medical Mistake Lawyer PG CountyIndividuals in need of a medical mistake lawyer PG County trusts should understand that medical malpractice cases are very complex. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our legal team understands the varying legal issues and obstacles that face a medical malpractice claim. With over 75 years of collective experience, we are dedicated to getting the you the compensation you deserve. While no attorney can rightfully call themselves the “best” medical mistake lawyer PG County has to offer, Cohen and Cohen is continually striving for excellence; and our success in the courtroom, at the settlement table, and in client satisfaction only prove to reflect that.

How Do You Know If You Have A Claim?

There are several situations that could possibly justify contacting a medical mistake lawyer in PG County. When potential clients contact our firm regarding a medical malpractice incident, here are some of the most common situations clients have faced:

1. Delayed Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis

When a doctor misdiagnoses a patient, or when there is a delay in diagnosis, this could result in serious harm to the patient. This type of medical malpractice case requires the injured party to prove two important points: first, that the doctor exercised gross negligence in the misdiagnosis; and second, that this mistake directly caused the patient’s condition to worsen.

2. Malfunctioning Diagnostic Tests/Incorrect Results

Similar to a misdiagnosis made by a doctor, it’s possible for individuals to sustain serious injuries because of a preventable error in the equipment or software used for diagnostic tests. An injured individual may be searching for a medical mistake lawyer PG County trusts because his or her doctor made a diagnosis based on faulty laboratory test results, x-ray images, or other test results of this nature.

In this type of medical malpractice case, the doctor who misdiagnosed the patient might not be liable for the injury because he or she made a reasonable diagnosis based on the information available. However, because a diagnostic test produced incorrect results that led to injury, another provider could be held liable for the incorrect information. In this case, a lab technician or specialist might be held responsible for the injury.

3. Injuries From Childbirth

While these injuries may affect the mother, childbirth medical malpractice claims often focus on injuries that the child sustains. These injuries receive a lot of attention because small injuries at birth can potentially cause a lot of damage as the child grows older. Brain injuries are common for childbirth medical malpractice cases, along with broken bones or damage to the body’s nervous system.

Even with the best medical mistake lawyer PG County can provide, there’s no guarantee that the plaintiff will “win” this type of medical malpractice claim. These claims are often settled through out-of-court negotiations, which allow both parties to bypass court hearings while allowing the injured plaintiff to receive reasonable financial compensation. As with other types of medical malpractice cases, it is essential for the plaintiff to prove that the injury during childbirth could have been prevented or mitigated through reasonable medical care.

4. Early Discharge

Many hospitals across the country face issues with overcrowding, understaffing, and underfunding; all three of these problems may cause a hospital to release a patient too soon. When a patient is discharged prematurely from a hospital, it means that medical professionals discharged the patient before he or she was stable enough to leave. This action could justify a medical malpractice claim if the patient sustained serious injury resulting from a premature discharge.

In this instance of medical malpractice, it doesn’t matter why the patient was admitted to the hospital in the first place — only that the hospital’s discharge created preventable medical consequences.

5. Pharmaceutical Error

Receiving an incorrect prescription or prescription amount could justify contacting a PG County medical mistake lawyer, regardless of whether too much or too little of the medication was prescribed. In this type of medical malpractice claim, the injured plaintiff (or the plaintiff’s family) must prove that the mistake led to serious injury and that the mistake could have been prevented with reasonable care.

There is always some degree of risk when an individual consumes a prescription drug; even a well-known and reliable drug can potentially create unexpected side effects in patients (especially when a patient consumes one or more drugs that may interact with each other). These cases might not justify a medical malpractice claim because the effects could not have been reasonably predicted. However, when a doctor is clearly negligent and a prescription is written incorrectly, the patient may wish to seek legal counsel from a medical mistake lawyer PG County depends on.

6. Surgical Errors

Surgical errors occur quite often, and when doctors or nurses make a serious error that could have been prevented with standard care, the injured patient may be able to file a medical malpractice claim.

As any medical mistake lawyer PG County can provide will tell you, it can be a complicated process to prove that a surgical error justifies compensation through a medical malpractice settlement. All surgeries have some level of risk involved, and in certain cases, patients may be asked to sign a consent form acknowledging this before undergoing a surgery.

However, if a surgeon or nurse makes a mistake in the operating room that goes beyond the known risks of surgery, the patient may be able to claim malpractice. Surgical errors of this nature might include complications due to poor planning, mistakes caused by fatigue, or failure to ensure that all equipment is working properly.

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