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Mass Tort

Mass Tort Lawyer Washington, D.C.

Mass Tort Lawyer Washington, D.C.If you have been injured or become ill because of another person or party’s negligence that you think or know has caused harm in the same way to others, you may benefit from discussing your situation with a mass tort lawyer in Washington, D.C.

A tort is a civil claim that may be made when a person or other party or parties commits an act that causes a personal injury. In legalese, a personal injury is when a person (or party) causes another person to become injured or ill. The term “injury” encompasses injury and illnesses of the body, mind and/or emotions, as opposed to when property is injured, i.e. damaged. In colloquial English, Tort claims are commonly referred to as personal injury claims.

If you think you have a tort or mass tort claim, a Washington, D.C. lawyer may be able to help you.

Mass Torts and Class Actions

A mass tort is commonly referred to as a class-action lawsuit even though they are technically different kinds of actions. A mass tort is different from a class action in that a mass tort involves the complaints of individual plaintiffs where they each receive their own separate trials.

inA class action is one in which a single act committed by one person causes injury to a whole group of people (even though the group may not have any prior knowledge of each other before finding out about their similar injuries and they may never meet others in this group) where the group has one trial for all of the plaintiffs.

If you think that your injury or illness is reason for a mass tort, discussing your situation with a Washington, D.C. lawyer may help you to determine whether or not you have a valid claim. 

Types of Torts

Causes of torts can be from another party’s negligence, recklessness or malice. Personal injury claims often are the result of one or more party’s negligence but can be because of other things. Things such as defamation and slander are often looked at as deliberate acts that were executed for the purpose of harming a person’s reputation.

If you have been injured by another party’s negligence, recklessness or malice, a mass tort lawyer in Washington, D.C. may be able to help. 

It is more common for tort charges to be brought about in civil claims rather than in criminal courts. The plaintiff, or in a mass tort, the plaintiffs in a tort case typically sue the defendant for monetary compensation to remedy damages the defendant caused the plaintiff.

Torts can be brought against individuals and entities that act on behalf of the federal government that caused injury to a private party. These types of cases typically involve instances of government negligence, regulatory agency activities, and professional malpractice. 

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