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Maryland Workers Comp Settlements

Phone in hand with icons floating around it as the person reaches out for a Maryland Workers Comp SettlementsAn expert lawyer can help you get your Maryland workers comp settlement quickly, to ensure you have enough money to deal with the injuries you’ve suffered. After all, many of these injuries can be quite severe, and it will take more than just time to get them fully healed. An attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve to handle medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and much more. Contact an attorney at Cohen & Cohen today for help with your case.

What A Worker’s Compensation Attorney Does

Workers’ compensation attorneys handle the legal matters that result from workplace injuries. Workers’ compensation is paid to a worker who was injured on the job as part of their employment agreement with their employer. When employers offer health insurance benefits, they also pay for the costs of treatment and rehabilitation arising from work-related injuries. If a worker is unable to return to work following an injury, they may receive benefits such as income replacement and retraining. There are two forms of workers’ compensation: temporary total and permanent partial. Temporary total (TT) provides a certain amount of monthly income for someone who cannot work at all because of an injury or illness. Permanent partial (PP) compensates employees for lost wages after recovering from an injury. A few states provide a third form of workers’ compensation known as disability benefit coverage (DBC). DBC covers some individuals who have disabilities unrelated to their jobs but which affect their ability to earn a living wage elsewhere. It is typically paid in lieu of long-term disability payments that would otherwise be available through private plans like Social Security Disability Insurance.

Workers’ Comp Benefits Explained

You need an attorney because this is not an area in which you want to take risks. Workers’ Comp is a complex field that has its own set of rules and regulations. An attorney who has experience with Maryland workers’ comp settlements may be able to help you get the settlement you deserve for your injuries and any resulting damages, such as pain and suffering. He or she will work on both sides of the case: by collecting all evidence necessary to prove what happened, but also by negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of their clients.

Maryland Workers’ Comp Laws & Statutes

Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation Act, commonly referred to as the MWC Act, is designed to protect employees in Maryland from work-related injuries. The MWC Act does not apply to independent contractors, self-employed individuals and doctors or those who are injured in the course of their own employment for the employer.

Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act § 10-601 states that a worker is eligible for medical treatment and benefits if he or she has suffered a personal injury arising out of and during employment in which the hazard that led to the injury was not created by him or her; with exceptions where contact with energized electrical equipment could be involved.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a workplace accident, then it’s time to pursue workers comp settlements in Maryland with the attorneys at Cohen & Cohen; contact them today!

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