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Maryland Trucking Accident Lawyers

Maryland trucking accident lawyersThe Maryland trucking accident lawyers from Cohen and Cohen, P.C. have represented many clients who were seriously injured because of a dangerous truck driver. Tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, and commercial trucks are often hauling thousands upon thousands of pounds of weight in product and goods. So in the event that there is a crash between two vehicles, it is the other car and its occupants that is likely to sustain the most damage. Truck accidents are handled differently from other types of accidents. Having an experienced legal team will matter in the outcome of your case and how much restitution you are awarded. 

Regulations That Fail

There are regulations that aim to prevent truck accidents from happening. Truckers must log their driving shifts, take sufficient rest periods, and abide by the rules of the road just like anyone else. However, as most of us have seen, truckers aren’t always operating such a hefty vehicle with care, meaning that anyone near them at the time is at risk of harm. Despite regulations, many truckers still skip their allotted sleep or meal breaks, and then quickly become malnourished and fatigued. Just imagining a trucker falling asleep behind the wheel sounds like a tragedy about to unfold. 

Prevalent Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accident injuries tend to be severe, and may require emergency medical attention. The most common injuries of a truck-related accident are listed below:

  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Chemical or heat burns
  • Organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Mental trauma
  • Crushed extremities
  • Deep lacerations

When To Seek Help

So how do you know that you need a lawyer? If you sustained an injury that needed medical care, then you already can probably benefit from a team of trucking accident lawyers in MD help you. The everyday person doesn’t have the knowledge of law that lawyers do, so if you have questions or concerns, then now is the right time to seek legal assistance. Your lawyer can help protect you and advocate for your behalf. For example, an insurance adjuster may contact you in the days after the accident, hoping to get a statement from you. Your words may be misconstrued in a way that reduces liability or hinders your chances of receiving fair compensation. Your lawyer can advise you on how to take this call, or may speak with the adjuster for you instead.

Contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. Now

Do not hesitate in finding out whether legal help can make a difference in your case. In most times, it can and will have the power to influence a settlement amount or other verdict. We urge you to contact MD trucking accident lawyers from Cohen and Cohen, P.C. today to reserve your initial consultation.

Common Myths About Truck Accidents

If you have been hurt in a truck accident, it’s important for you to know the facts to protect your right to compensation. There are many untruths about car truck accidents that people believe. Here are some common myths about trucking accidents.

  • Truck drivers sustain as severe injuries as drivers of passenger vehicles. This is not true. Drivers of passenger vehicles don’t have the protection of a huge truck, so they are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries, like traumatic brain injuries and amputations, than truck drivers. They are also more likely to be killed than truck drivers.
  • Truck drivers are the only liable party in accidents. In truck accidents, there can actually be more than one liable party. In addition to the truck driver, the trucking company can be held liable for the accident if they failed to maintain their truck, forced truck drivers to work longer hours or did not train their truck drivers adequately. If there are multiple liable parties, you may be able to get higher compensation from your injury claim.
  • Truck drivers have to follow the same traffic laws as other motorists. Truck drivers are actually required to follow even stricter traffic laws than drivers of passenger vehicles. For instance, truck drivers are often required to drive at lower speeds than other drivers on entrance and exit ramps.
  • Truck drivers are always at-fault in accidents. While truck drivers cause some accidents on the road, they are not responsible for all of them. Drivers of passenger vehicles can also be responsible for accidents involving truck drivers. For example, if a driver of a passenger vehicle is speeding or under the influence of alcohol and hits a truck, that driver will be considered at-fault.
  • You can depend on the insurance company to give you a fair settlement. While it would be nice if this were true, it usually is not the case. Even if it is clear that the truck driver was at-fault in the accident, that driver’s insurance company may still not treat you fairly. They care about the bottom line first and may try to undervalue your claim. That is why it is important to have experienced Maryland trucking accident lawyers on your side. They know how to negotiate with insurance companies and will not let you get taken advantage of.


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