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Maryland Truck Accident Lawyer

Maryland Truck Accident Lawyer

What important steps should be taken immediately following a truck accident?

Call the Police

What important steps should be taken immediately following a truck accident

Any good Maryland truck accident lawyer will inform you that the first thing you should do right after being hit by a truck is call the police. It is vital to not talk to anyone right after the accident, especially the other person in the accident. If you do, you should accidentally admit to some of the blame which could end up hurting you in the long run.

After the police arrive, allow them to do your job and try to prove them with as much accurate information as possible and tell them exactly what occurred during the accident. It is important to give a lot of information, however, you should not exaggerate this information. Only provide exact information to the police officers.

A Maryland truck accident lawyer may also inform you that the police have the job of writing the proper citation to the negligent party and writing a police report explaining the details of the accident and who caused it. This police report will be vital to your case and is extremely important to have. Receiving compensation without the police report will be very difficult because you may not be able to prove that the other party was at fault.

Take Photographs

If you are able to right after the accident, you need to take photos all over the accident scene. This will provide you with lots of evidence to defend your case. You should take photos of:

  • Damaged vehicles
  • The location of the accident
  • Any visible injuries
  • Any visible damage to the surrounding areas

As an experienced Maryland truck accident lawyer can tell you, another source of evidence can be having a detailed record of the accident. This can be important in remembering exact details from the accident and making sure your story doesn’t change if you forget any minor or major details. Pictures can also help with remembering how bad the accident actually was and what damage was done.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver

After the accident you should get information about the other party. This information includes:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Insurance Information
  • License Plate Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Trucking Companies Name and Contact Information

Follow all Medical Advice

Any knowledgeable Maryland truck accident lawyer will strongly suggest that seeking medical attention can be another form of proof for your case. Medical examinations can keep you safe and provide reports of different injuries you have.

Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Injury Attorney

If you believe your trucking accident was based on an act of negligence, you should contact an attorney to help you deal with your case. Trucking accidents can be very complex and can be related to many parties such as the driver, the trucking company, the trucking manufacturer, or anyone else related to the accident. Handling a truck accident injury case on your own can be next to impossible. Experienced attorneys can handle negotiations with other insurance companies as well as deal with  insurance adjusters who are not on your side.

Do not hesitate to contact the experienced attorneys at Cohen & Cohen today to ensure your case is being handled correctly. Call today to set up your free consultation with a trusted Maryland truck accident lawyer on our team.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks are often more serious than accidents with only passenger vehicles. Those in passenger vehicles are especially susceptible to life-threatening injuries. Here are some of the most common causes of truck accidents that you should know about.

  • Driver fatigue. Although federal regulations prohibit truck drivers from driving too many consecutive hours, not all of them follow this law. They may be under a lot of pressure to deliver goods and stay on the road longer than they should. Unfortunately, this can cause truck drivers to become too tired. If they are running on little sleep, truckers may lose focus of the road ahead and even fall asleep behind the wheel. 
  • Speeding. As mentioned above, many truck drivers are under constant pressure to deliver goods on time. If they are behind, they might drive above the speed limit to make their deadlines. However, speeding is even more dangerous for truck drivers. Because commercial trucks are so large and heavy, they require more time to stop. 
  • Distracted driving. Truck drivers have to spend long hours on the road, which can become tedious. Some may use distractions to pass the time. They may send text messages, eat or look at objects outside. Unfortunately, as a Maryland truck accident lawyer can confirm, distracted driving can put everyone on the road in danger. Truck drivers who are distracted may take their attention and eyes off the road. 
  • Overloading cargo. Truck drivers have to carry cargo in the back of their trucks. However, if they overload cargo, it can be very hazardous. It can cause tire blowouts and increase the risk of accidents. 
  • Drug or alcohol use. It is dangerous for all motorists, including truck drivers, to operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, some truck drivers use these substances to cope with their high stress jobs. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol impairs judgment and lowers reaction times, increasing the risk of accidents. 
  • Poor truck maintenance. Trucking companies are responsible for maintaining and repairing their trucks when necessary. If they fail to do this, truck accidents are more likely to occur. For example, if the brakes are not properly maintained, a truck driver could have trouble stopping and run into another vehicle.

Why should I seek professional legal representation?

If you have recently been in a truck accident in or near Maryland, it is essential to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer that Maryland residents recommend from Cohen & Cohen. The main reason personal injury victims retain our lawyers is for our specialization in a wide range of personal injury related matters, including truck accidents. Our goal is to help in any way we can to get the justice you deserve, meaning that following a truck, you are fully compensated for any injuries you sustain and for all damages done to your property. 

What can I be compensated for following a truck accident?

Compensation can be pursued following a truck accident where there was damage to personal property or injury, regardless of the level of seriousness. Compensation includes what you have been billed for already, as well as future expenses such as future medical issues that are a direct result of the accident. For example, if you sustained an injury during the accident and consequently you require physical therapy, you can collect compensation to help with physical therapy expenses. 

The compensatory damages may be “economic” or “noneconomic.” Economic damages are physical, more tangible damages that can be quantified, and their value does not change depending on the jury that is evaluating them.

Economic damages:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Household services
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Property damages
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Medical expenses may also be included under economic damages. These damages are bills that arise out of the injuries that are caused by the accident.

Other medical expenses that compensation can be collected for:

  • Chronic physical health issues
  • Chronic mental health issues
  • Surgeries
  • Future treatments

Noneconomic damages:

  • Pain
  • Emotional anguish
  • Humiliation
  • Reputation damage
  • Loss of enjoyment of activities
  • Worsening of prior injuries

In some states, noneconomic damages are referred to as pain and suffering. In addition to the one who suffered the damages, a spouse may be able to recover a type of non-economic damage referred to as “loss of consortium”. In the event of a wrongful death, or inability to seek legal assistance, a spouse can also be the one to seek legal counsel and fight for compensation for personal injury damages.

How do we determine the liable party?

In order to succeed, the victim and their attorney must provide evidence related to each item, such as police reports, medical records, photos of the accident and injuries, and eyewitness testimony. An attorney will guide his client through counseling and identifying the proper evidence to support the claim.

How does a truck accident lawyer help gain compensation?

Cohen & Cohen brings experience, compassion and tenacity in the face of adversity when victims of personal injury/truck accidents need it most. A truck accident victim can face a long road to recovery, and to ensure your recovery is a priority, you must have an attorney take the lead on your case, and negotiate compensation. Contact our Maryland truck accident lawyers from Cohen & Cohen as soon as possible to learn more about our firm and how we can help.

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