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Malfunctioning device law firm Virginia

Faulty or Malfunctioning ProductEven though manufacturers in the United States have to adhere to strict laws and send their products through rigorous testing before a product is approved for the public to buy, the need for a highly rated malfunctioning device law firm Virginia residents can trust, is on the rise.

When a consumer is injured by a faulty or malfunctioning product, the companies (or company) that played a role in putting an unsafe product on the shelves may be liable for costs related the victim’s injuries. If a person dies as the result of using a faulty or malfunctioning product, the deceased’s family may be entitled to compensation for their loss. These sorts of injuries are usually filed as product liability, personal injury claims. The laws for these kinds of claims differ from state to state which is why it is important to seek the help of a law firm that has lawyers who are licensed to practice in the state where your injury occurred.

If you have been injured by a faulty or malfunctioning device or other product in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, or the surrounding areas, the law firm of Cohen & Cohen, P.C. has successfully been protecting injured people and their family’s rights for over 30 years. We know that when a person is in pain and unable to deal with their daily routines and responsibilities like they are accustomed to, it can take a financial and emotional toll on the victim and their family. We know that when a family is grieving over the loss of a loved one, financial concerns can make the grief unbearable. While money cannot take away a person’s injury or loss of life, not having to worry about money because of one of these things can be a comfort to a victim and/or their family.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a faulty or malfunctioning product, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with an experienced malfunctioning device law firm Virginia is fortunate to have in its midst. Someone with Cohen & Cohen, P.C. is available to take your call 24 hours a day. A member of our legal team will give you a free consultation and a free case evaluation. The sooner you call, the sooner we may be able to start to help you so that you can focus on healing or helping others to heal.

When a consumer purchases and uses a product, he or she has the right to expect that the product will function as intended, and that it will not be dangerous to use, provided he or she follows the instructions for safe use and heeds warning of possible hazards. Depending on the exact defect or malfunction of a product, anyone from the designers, engineers, manufacturers, distributors and in some cases, the sellers, may be be responsible for a consumer’s injuries from a malfunctioning device or product- if it is found that their negligence contributed to the product malfunctioning or being defective.

A common type of personal injury claim for a malfunctioning device, requires a plaintiff to prove two things. The first thing is that the plaintiff (usually with the help of a lawyer) was/is injured. The second thing, which is often much more complicated than the first, is the plaintiff needs to prove that the negligence of one or more of the aforementioned parties (designers, manufacturer’s, etc.) is what caused the device or product to malfunction. Many people find it helpful to have the help of a good law firm from the onset of their injury. A good law usually finds it helpful to be able to start on a case as soon as possible in order to collect evidence and testimony before too much time has passed.

For a highly rated malfunctioning device law firm Washington DC personal injury victims and their families rely on, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C., today.

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