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Lyft Sexual Assault Lawyer Washington DC

Lyft Sexual Assault Lawyer

Lyft Sexual Assault Lawyer Washington DCIf you or someone you love has been the victim of a sexual assault by a Lyft driver, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a Lyft sexual assault lawyer Washington, DC assault victims can rely on. While many riders have used Lyft as an efficient way to get from one destination to another without any problems, some have opted for this service with devastating consequences. Lyft and other ridesharing companies have received thousands of complaints of riders being sexually assaulted by their drivers. More and more of these complaints are also showing up in lawsuits against ridesharing companies and their drivers.   

If you are one of the many victims of a sexual assault by a Lyft driver in Washington, DC, the sooner you talk to a good lawyer, the sooner they may be able to start protecting your rights.

Lyft and Liability

In December 2019, Lyft was served with 19 lawsuits that claimed the company failed to institute basic safety measures to prevent sexual assaults. In particular, it points to the alleged fact that Lyft failed to follow up after the different plaintiffs reported their attackers to the platform. Failing to take responsibility and failing to follow through with investigating these alleged dangerous drivers has potentially made it possible for these drivers to continue to use the platform as a way to target new victims.  

If you are the unfortunate victim of a Lyft driver’s sexual assault, enlisting the help of a good Washington, DC injury lawyer may help you to get compensation for your physical and psychological injuries. As well, it may help to hold Lyft accountable and hopefully prevent them from hiring dangerous drivers in the future.

Lyft and Safety

When Lyft’s major competitor Uber came under scrutiny for failing to do background checks before allowing drivers to represent their brand, Lyft branded itself as the safer of the two-ridesharing services. Yet Lyft has continued to get complaints about unsafe drivers and in the case of assaults, drivers who have committed crimes against their paying riders.

In a lawsuit filed in December 2019, 19 women claimed that the company failed to institute basic safety measures to prevent sexual assaults, and they failed to follow up after the women reported the assaults and their attackers to the platform. 

A problem with trying to hold Lyft liable for injuries from assaults by Lyft drivers (as well as from other causes such as, crashes) is that they claim that they do not actually employ dangerous drivers- they only offer a platform to connect people who have a car and time to share, to people who need rides- and should thus not be responsible. This can make it difficult to get compensation from Lyft for a sexual assault without the help of a good Washington, DC lawyer.

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