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Lime Scooter Lawyer

Lime Scooter Lawyer

Electric scooters now provide consistent last-mile transportation in dozens of major American cities. The rise of e-scooter transportation, however, has brought with it a range of new challenges and difficulties that don’t necessarily have straightforward answers. When pedestrians hop onto a scooter to start or complete a trip, they may be doing so at their own risk.Lime Scooter Lawyer

Lime, one of the most popular scooter companies and one of the earliest to obtain widespread market share, made headlines in 2018 when it was sued by a lime scooter lawyer for a software glitch that caused serious injuries. Each electric scooter is digitally-controlled, with brakes that can be applied by a software program under certain circumstances. The brakes are set when the scooter is not checked out using the app, preventing it from behind used by passers-by. Brakes can also be set by software when the app’s time has run out or when the speed of the scooter becomes excessive.

However, software doesn’t always perform as expected. In numerous reports, Lime scooters have seized up while passengers are moving rapidly, causing the brakes to lock and throw the rider from the scooter altogether. Because Lime scooters are typically operated on roadways at significant speed, a fall can result in serious injuries, not dissimilar from a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle. Falling from a Lime scooter can result in road rash, sprains, muscle strains, spinal injuries, and fractured limbs. Call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today.

In some cases, a fall from a Lime scooter can be even more serious. In some jurisdictions, Lime scooters are classified similarly to bicycles, meaning they must be ridden in bike lanes. A sudden braking brought on by failing software could throw a rider into the path of a passing vehicle, causing them to be struck. 

After a Lime scooter accident, recovery can be lengthy. Broken bones will require casts or slings and lengthy recovery times, in some cases with physical therapy afterward to strengthen atrophied muscles. Sprains and strains can also require therapy, and serious spinal injuries could require injections or even surgery. Medical bills can be immense. Because a Lime scooter is not typically classified as an automobile, auto insurance typically does not cover Lime scooter accidents, and so most law firms do not represent these victims. A Lime scooter lawyer can help determine whether the accident was due to the company’s error and help the victim avoid paying for all their medical costs out of pocket.

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