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Intriguing Legal News Stories

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Accusing Google of Paying Female Employees Less Than Male EmployeesJudge Throws Out Lawsuit Accusing Google of Paying Female Employees Less Than Male Employees

California Superior Court State Judge Mary Wiss dismissed a class action lawsuit against Google for unfair pay practices. The lawsuit claimed Google paid its female employees less than its male employees.

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Sexual Assault Lawyer Washington DCFormer Quarterback Warren Moon Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Wendy Haskell, an executive assistant to former NFL quarterback Warren Moon, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him Monday. She claimed Moon forced her to wear thong underwear and sleep in his bed during business trips.

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Personal injury attorney near me cohen and cohenFive Families File Lawsuit Against Longview School District Over Isolation Booth

Five families are seeking millions in a lawsuit against Longview School District in Washington for allegedly putting their kids in an isolation booth at Mint Valley Elementary School.

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Dental surgery personal injury lawyer Washington D.C.Minnesota Family Receives $2M Settlement for Teen Daughter’s Dental Surgery Death

A Minnesota family of a teenage girl who died during dental surgery agreed to a $2 million settlement. The lawsuit they filed was originally scheduled to go to trial in May 2018.

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Sexual Assault Lawyer Washington DCUtah Court Dismisses Suit Filed Over Teacher for Having Sexual Relations With Male Students

The Utah Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit filed against a Utah school district over ex-teacher Brianne Altice, who had sex with three male students. A male student who brought the lawsuit said the school district was negligent. 

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sexual assault lawyersCarmel Family Sues City for Alleged Sexual Abuse at Summer Camp

A family has filed a lawsuit against the city of Carmel after their 8-year-old daughter was allegedly bullied and sexually assaulted by another child at summer camp.

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dangerous-car-brands7 Of The Most Dangerous Car Brands

We’ve compiled a list of awards and ratings from both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Ratings (IIHS) to get a glimpse into how unsafe some major car brands can be.

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OR Fire Victim 1Woman Awarded $5.13 Million After OR Fire

On March 2, 2017, a Fairfax County jury awarded a woman $5,134,000 for severe facial, neck, chest, back and shoulder burns and other damages she suffered in an operating room fire at INOVA Fairfax Hospital in December 2013.

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baby with teether in mouth under bathing towel at nursery7 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe

Newborns are susceptible to a lot of dangers—they can get hurt and sick very easily, and so it’s up to you, the new parent, to keep a watchful eye. Here are some common proactive steps to keeping your baby healthy and safe.

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Car Accident Lawyer DCCheck If Your Vehicle’s Airbag Has Been Recalled

Has your airbag been recalled?  Make sure by looking through this list.  It only takes 30 seconds to do, and can save your life, and the lives of your passengers.

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Her Car Flew Off The Chesapeake Bridge & She Survived: See How!

This woman’s car flew right off of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and she escaped the car and survived!

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Delta Sued After Employees Report Masturbating Mentor

Delta Airlines employees have filed a lawsuit against the airline company, alleging that Delta higher-ups fired the pair after reporting their “mentor” masturbated in the office…More To Come




bike-accident-(1)Bike Helmet Safety

Every year during the warm months, I get contacted by an injured bicyclist. Some of those cases are catastrophic because the victim was not wearing a helmet, or was wearing a helmet but it was either outdated or did not fit properly. I must admit that it wasn’t until I became involved in these types of cases that I truly understood how dangerous it is to ride a bicycle without a helmet…Read More




Birth Injuries


A “birth injury” is defined as any damage done to the tissues and organs of a child as the result of complications during childbirth. These birth injuries can also be the result of a poor decision made by a doctor or other health care provider during delivery. Some of these poor decisions include: failing to detect an umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck, unreasonable delay in performing an emergency…Read More




Car Accident Lawyer DCCar Accidents – Time Is of the Essence

A car accident can ruin a person’s life. One minute, you are driving down the road, minding your own business; the next minute, you’re a victim of someone else’s mistake or inattention. Whether in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia, the lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. help injured people…Read More




AmbulanceCarbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can cause a lot of harm or even death to you and your family if not properly monitored. Hundreds of people accidentally die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by malfunctioning fuel-burning appliances and idle cars…Read More




Elderly manCommon Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

With medicine advancing and life expectancy increasing, growing numbers of people are moving into long-term care centers and nursing homes. Although these facilities can provide excellent health and recreation services, they may also expose residents to mistreatment…Read More




Do I Have a Case?slider-1

Lawyers at our firm are frequently asked the question, “Do I have a case?” The answer, unfortunately, is not always a simple one. Injury cases typically have three elements: a mistake, an injury, and proof that the mistake caused the injury. The analysis can be most clearly illustrated by…Read More






12493904_950368781699768_1317027403691548062_oDo You Understand Your Auto Policy

Understanding your car insurance policy can be difficult. As a result, people often end up with policies that do not provide the right protection. Here is some basic information which you may not know. Uninsured Motorist Protection: This provides protection if…Read More






Close-up image of doctor's hand pointing at x-ray resultsErb’s Palsy

The birth of a baby is usually a joyous occasion. However, sometimes the birthing process does not go as planned because a doctor commits negligence during the birthing process. A doctor is negligent when he or she fails to use the degree of skill and learning ordinarily used under the same or similar circumstances by members of their profession…Read More






home fire

Home Fire Safety – Smoke Detector Safety – Don’t Get Burned!

Each year almost 3,000 people die in household fires. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), fires are the second leading cause of unintentional death in the home. Wherever they strike, fires can potentially be deadly…Read More




Smiling woman at dentistHow to Check Your Doctor’s Credentials in Five Minutes or Less

It is truly amazing how few people actually take the time to check their doctors’ credentials. Most patients choose their physicians based on either a simple word-of-mouth referral or by which doctor is geographically desirable…Read More






Happy senior citizen having a casual small talk with the friendly doctor


Nursing Home Malpractice

Finding elder abuse lawyers in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia is not easy. As the World Health Organization so elegantly put it, “Elder abuse is a violation of human rights and a significant cause of illness, injury, loss of productivity, isolation and despair.” …Read More






Premises Liability

The lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. are experienced professionals that handle premises liability cases in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia. If you were involved in an accident caused by an unsafe condition on someone else’s property – such as a slip and fall – you may be eligible to receive compensation…Read More






Product Defects

Product defects can be extremely dangerous, especially because they have the potential of harming or injuring large quantities of people. Any injury caused by a product defect should be brought to the attention of a product defect attorney right away so that the proper steps are taken…Read More






United States Capitol Building in Washington DC


Suing The Government – How Is It Done?

The federal government, like any other entity, often is responsible for causing innocent people to be harmed. For those of us who live in the Washington metropolitan area, the chances of being harmed by a government employee are increased…Read More






close up of male doctor holding x-ray or roentgen image

Tort Reform – Separating Fact From Fiction

Over the past few years the issue of “tort reform” has crept to the forefront of the American political scene. Today, some politicians claim to be racking their brains, attempting to devise a solution to this so-called problem. They have, and will continue to fail to find this solution for one simple reason…Read More






Dollars funnel.Wage and Hour Laws

Although they affect almost all of us, surprisingly few people fully understand federal and state wage and hour laws. These laws dictate how much employers are required to pay employees and mandate that employers must appropriately compensate employees for their overtime work…Read More






Group of people shaking handsWhat Is The Value Of My Case?

The most frequent question our clients ask is, “How much money will I receive from my case?” Placing a value on a personal injury case is not easy, but there are three simple tips to consider. First, cases are generally valued based on the extent of the damages…Read More






Wrongful Death Claims

When a person dies because of someone else’s mistake (a.k.a. wrongful death), their surviving family members often feel depressed, angry, and powerless. However, family members have the power to take action against the person or people who made the mistake…Read More




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