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Laser hair removal injury law firm Maryland

Laser hair removal injury law firm MarylandIf you are suffering because of a laser hair removal injury that occurred in Maryland or the surrounding states, you may be able to seek compensation for your injury with the help of a laser hair removal injury law firm Maryland community members recommend.

History of Hair Removal
The art of hair removal for beauty dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Women would remove all of their body hair, including that on their heads with tweezers (made from seashells), pumice stones or sugar based beeswax. During the Roman Empire, wealthy women and men used razors made from flints, tweezers, creams and stones to remove unwanted hair. Women of the Fertile Crescent developed a form of hair removal using threads. Throughout the ages, more and more ways to remove hair have developed. Nowadays, modern technologies that use electricity and lasers are at the forefront of effective hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Technology
From advances in ways to use wax, electrolysis and laser hair removal, removing hair has come a long way. Up until electrolysis and laser hair removal, hair removal was usually only temporary. Removing hair at its root slows its growth and over time, hair may become more sparse. Electrolysis and laser hair removal have had great success in permanently preventing hair growth even though there no guarantees that this will happen for everyone and typically, it takes several treatments before the hair does not grow back.

The way that laser hair removal works is that the laser focuses a strong, invisible light on a hair follicle. The heat from this light damages the hair follicle which inhibits growth. This is typically done with the laser operator pressing a device against a patient or client’s skin.

Is Laser Hair Removal Supposed to Hurt?
While laser hair removal is not painless, many people who undergo this process are not bothered by the amount of pain it causes. Everyone is different but a common description for the pain is that it feels like a rubber band being snapped against skin. Some amount of swelling is common after getting a treatment but this should subside within a few hours. Ice is recommended for the swelling and sometimes steroid creams are prescribed.

If bad burns, discoloration, blistering, peeling or excessive swelling occur after a treatment, or if you are in pain from the treatment, or concerned about how your skin looks or feels- the laser hair removal treatment may have been administered improperly. If this is the case, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. It may also be in your best interest to seek the advice of a laser hair removal injury law firm Maryland laser hair removal injury victims can rely on.

Compensation For Laser Hair Removal Injuries
In Maryland and many states in the U.S., when someone is injured because of someone else’s negligence, or reckless or malicious behavior, he or she may be entitled to compensation from the person or party who caused their injury. In the case of a laser hair removal injury, this may be the person who administered the laser treatment and/or it may be the spa or salon that employed the clinician who did this.

If you have been injured because of a laser hair removal procedure, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim. For a laser hair removal injury law firm Maryland is proud to call its own, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for a free case evaluation any time of the day or night.

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