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FAQ: Knowing What to Do In the Event of a Car Crash

Car accident lawyers Frederick, MD residents trust have the answer

Car accident lawyers Frederick, MD Nobody expects to need car accident lawyers Frederick, MD residents trust. After all, in today’s society, one of the main forms of transportation is the car. While many people may choose to bike, walk, skateboard, bus or motorcycle to and from where they need to go, cars are still the most common form of travel. Any person who has sat for hours in traffic and were late to work because of it, can attest to just how many cars can get on the road at once. As a result of an abundance of cars and possibly frustration, car accidents are all too common. The victims of a car accident can be in shock and suddenly forget how to deal with things while at the scene.

Car accident lawyers in Frederick, MD, in this article, have answered questions that people may have which can help them be more prepared if a collision were to arise.

Is there anything I should keep with me in my car in case of an accident?

Keeping a small notepad, pen or pencil, and digital camera in your car can be very helpful at the scene of a car crash. With the notepad, you can write down the driver’s information in addition to your perspective of how the accident happened, while it is still fresh in your mind. Over the course of hours or days, our brain may slowly start to forget small yet potentially crucial details of the crash. Skilled Frederick, MD car accident lawyers will inform you that the information you should obtain from the other driver include:

  • First & last name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Insurance company (and request to see insurance card)
  • Vehicle make, model & year
  • License plate number
  • Driver’s license number

What types of photographs be useful for my insurance company & lawsuit?

When at the scene, take photographs of as many details as you can. Take pictures of your car damages, the other vehicle damages, your physical wounds, skid marks on the ground, glass shatters and any other forms of evidence. Your insurance company may request visuals to help determine who was responsible for the crash. Experienced Frederick, MD car accident lawyers will likely tell you that these same photographs can also be hugely influential if you decide to file a civil lawsuit against the driver at-fault for compensation. It is better to get more than enough photographs, than less of what you need to support your case.

How can I know if I have sustained any injuries if nothing hurts yet?

When the human body is in a state of shock, it can be difficult to determine the severity of your injuries. However, if you do feel off even in the slightest, you should probably call for an ambulance for an evaluation. With an adrenaline rush, aches and pains can easily be disguised until hours or days following the crash. When at the scene, you can perform a quick exam of yourself by gently touching your head, chest, lungs and abdomen for any tenderness. If you do feel anything odd, see a doctor immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry if you come to find later on something very serious was brewing underneath the surface, that required medical attention right away.

If you or someone you know has suffered from an injury in a car accident, it may be in your best interest to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and we will set you up with car accident lawyers Frederick, MD residents have counted on for years.

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