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JUUL Injury Lawyer Washington DC

Washington, DC JUUL Vaping InjuriesWashington, DC JUUL Vaping Injuries

If you are one of the many people who have become injured or ill because of misleading information from JUUL and the vaping industry, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a reliable JUUL injury lawyer from Washington, DC. The E-cigarette and vaping industry is dominated by the JUUL company and there are many indicators that they knowingly provided unsafe and harmful products to consumers. As well, it appears that they failed to warn consumers of the dangers of their unsafe and harmful products. Of particular scrutiny is their marketing that is alleged to be towards minors.

If you have used JUUL e-cigarettes or other vaping devices and have become injured or ill, a lawyer that is licensed to protect injury victims and their families in the Washington, DC area, may be able to help you seek compensation for expenses that are the result of your injury or illness.

JUUL Sneaks Around Tobacco Regulations

Even before the Surgeon General issued his 1964 report that tobacco smoking causes lung cancer and is a main contributor to bronchitis, the tobacco and cigarette industry was under scrutiny. It continues to be highlighted as a dangerous and nefarious industry that the United States is now trying to keep under closer regulation and monitoring.

Even with the many strides made in the US towards educating the public and trying to limit the tobacco industry’s negative influence on consumers, companies such as JUUL are providing consumers with products that are potentially even more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. 

JUUL should not be allowed to get away with illegally and knowingly deceiving consumers about the safety of their products.

JUUL Class Action and Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you used JUUL products and are now unwell, a JUUL vaping injury lawyer from Washington, DC may be able to help you determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation for JUUL’s violation of the law. It is illegal to provide false, misleading or deceptive statements in advertisements and many claims say that JUUL did just this. These allegations include but are not limited to:

– JUUL violated federal regulations by claiming that its product was a safer 

substitute to traditional cigarettes and smoking. This is documented in a letter 

from the FDA to JUUL.

– JUUL unfairly targeted vulnerable smokers in an aggressive social media 

marketing campaign by advertising their products as “safer alternatives” to 

smoking traditional cigarettes.

If you used JUUL products and think that one of these allegations or others apply to your situation, the sooner you contact a Washington, DC JUUL vaping injury lawyer, the sooner they may be able to help you hold JUUL accountable for their wrongdoings and causing you harm.

JUUL Failed to Warn About Chemical Additives

Not only did JUUL claim their products were “safe,” they added chemical flavorings and additives to their e-cigarettes without notifying consumers that they did not know if these additives had potentially harmful side effects- or even just that they had not researched whether or not these additives would have any affect on people who used products containing them.

Studies suggest that the chemical flavorings and additives in e-cigarettes and vaping devices are potentially more damaging to the lungs than flavoring and other substances added to traditional cigarette and tobacco products. 

It is not fair that JUUL mislead innocent consumers that are now victims of e-cigarette and vaping injuries.

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