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How to Choose an Attorney for a Bike Crash Case

Alexandria, VA bicycle accident lawyers have the important insight you may need

Alexandria VA bicycle accident lawyersIf you have been hurt in a bicycle crash and are planning to file a lawsuit, you are likely getting ready to take the very important step of choosing and hiring Alexandria, VA bicycle accident lawyers to represent you. Choosing an attorney is always an important decision and this is especially true regarding personal injury lawsuits stemming from bicycle crashes because the body of law regarding bicycle operation is unknown to many lawyers. Here are a few tips for choosing an attorney who will be best equipped to be your advocate in a bicycle crash case:


  • Choose an Attorney Who Has Tried a Bicycle Crash Personal Injury Case Before. Bicycle crashes can involve complex issues of personal injury law that the average personal injury attorney has never addressed. This is largely because there are local rules and regulations for cyclists and for motorists that will affect your claim.  Like most personal injury law, bicycle law centers around “negligence.” According to Alexandria, VA bicycle accident lawyers, negligence is a legal term for not exercising “due care.” Very basically, civil law requires everyone to act in a reasonably careful manner to protect other people from injury. What makes bicycle law unique is that what constitutes “negligent” operation of a motor vehicle around a bicycle and what constitutes “negligent” operation of a bicycle around a motor vehicle. Your state, county, and city likely have rules regarding what constitutes safe operation of both motor vehicles and bicycles on the road. If either the motorist or cyclist fails to abide by the laws and regulation, they may be presumed negligent absent other evidence. Therefore, it is essential that you  hire Alexandria, VA bicycle accident lawyers who are familiar with the rules of the road.



  • Choose an Attorney Who Has Significant Personal Injury Experience in Your Area. Make sure that your attorney has general personal injury experience in your local area. This will ensure that he or she is familiar with your local courts and staff, defense attorneys, and insurance agents that may be involved in your case. If you choose a professional and well-respected attorney, his or her reputation will precede them to your benefit. Additionally, experience with personal injury claims is important because your attorney will be familiar with medical records, injury valuation, and how best to present a sympathetic and compelling case to a judge or jury regarding your injuries.



  • If Possible, Choose an Attorney Who Cycles. This  may be hard because, although cycling is becoming more and more popular, there may be relatively few Alexandria, VA bicycle accident lawyers in your area with this experience. However, do not be afraid to ask an attorney personal questions about their experience with bike riding during your interview. An attorney who knows first-hand the benefits and dangers of road biking will be able to offer you a good perspective on your claim.


When choosing an attorney, look for someone with the right kind of experience to try your case. In the initial consultation, be prepared to ask questions about the attorney’s experience. Do not be shy or intimidated; this is an important decision and you have every reason to ask all the questions you have.

If you feel that you need Alexandria, VA bicycle accident lawyers, do not hesitate to reach out to Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and we will be more than happy to set you up with some of the most experienced attorneys on our team who will stand by your side to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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