How Do I Know if a Person is Driving Under the Influence?

Frequently Asked Questions

A DUI lawyer Alexandria, VA residents trust has the answers

DUI lawyer Alexandria VAAny DUI lawyer Alexandria, VA residents count on will tell you that  when opening your car door and getting into the driver’s seat, there any multiple potential threats that may await you. While this shouldn’t scare someone from driving completely, is it just good to be aware of those around you and that not every driver may be acting with care. In particular, those who drive while under the influence of alcohol can easily cause a tragic accident for themselves and others. Those who never risk safety by driving after having drinks, may be perplexed as to why another person would ever take that chance. Here in the article to follow, an experienced DUI lawyer from Alexandria, VA has talked further about DUIs and what you can do to hold the person responsible if you are ever hit by a drunk driver.

What are the signs that a driver next to me is drunk?

If for any reason you feel a driver on the road near you is under the influence of alcohol, get as far away from this person as you possibly can and notify law enforcement so they can handle the situation. When someone drives drunk, they may act swiftly and suddenly in a reckless manner. It is best to steer clear so you are not within reach if this were to happen. According to a DUI lawyer from Alexandria, VA signs that a driver may in fact be drunk can include:

  1. Sudden jerking around, braking, and speeding up
  2. Following too closely behind another driver while trying to get around them
  3. Slowly or rapidly swerving between lanes on a multiple lane road or highway
  4. Verging into oncoming traffic only to jolt back last minute
  5. Otherwise driving in a manner that seems unpredictable and reckless

What types of injuries may a driver sustain if hit by a drunk driver?

The range of injuries a sober driver may suffer from after being hit by a drunk driver can range greatly. The severity of the physical damages can depend on how fast the drunk driver was going, and at which direction the sober driver was hit, according to the DUI lawyer in Alexandria, VA. Regardless of how well you believe you may feel immediately after such an accident, you should always call for medical attention and the police. An officer can take over the scene while you get potential injuries tended to quickly.

Should I get a copy of the official incident report from the officer who came to the scene?

Yes, obtaining a copy of the crash report for your own records can be helpful. In case you decide to file a lawsuit against the driver, you have proof that the crash happened. Many people who have become victims of a DUI crash actually meet with a lawyer to talk about legal options. Especially if the crash was particularly devastating, medical bills and vehicle repairs can be steep enough to where the victim suffers financial distress. A DUI lawyer Alexandria, VA residents rely on can help you devise a plan to seek compensation from the drunk driver for your losses. When meeting with a lawyer, bring along all the paperwork you have regarding the accident, your medical bills, and other damages.

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