How Do I Expect the Unexpected When Out on the Road?

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How Do I Expect the Unexpected When Out on the RoadAccording to a car accident lawyer Frederick, MD residents trust,  it is estimated that every single day in America, millions of people get onto the road for one reason or another. Perhaps they are taking their children to a dance recital, heading to work early in the morning, or going to the gym for a workout. Regardless of the reason, it is crucial to expect the unexpected when getting to and from places throughout your day. It is sad to say that not every driver operates his or her vehicle with the utmost care. People may speed around corners hasilty, or through red lights in a rush. They may even go as far as tailgating so close behind another driver that an accident actually ensues. There are so many ways in which a car accident could arise.

Here in the article below, a trusted car accident lawyer in Frederick, MD has talked about what the biggest threat on the road is nowadays, and places you may be most likely to be involved in an accident. At the end of the information here, they have also provided details about what to expect during a consultation with an attorney about your car accident.

What is the biggest threat I should watch out for while on the road?

Perhaps the largest threat in today’s society is the distracted driver. Someone who is on the phone, playing with the radio, daydreaming, talking with the passenger or otherwise not paying attention, can be seriously putting others at risk for harm. When going about your day, a car accident lawyer in Frederick, MD will likely advise that you keep in mind the following signs that may mean you are next to a distracted driver:

  • The driver keeps looking down into his or her lap (drivers may attempt to hide their phones low so another car or officer cannot see them using it)
  • The driver is swerving in his or her lane, or across many
  • The driver stops abruptly at signs or street lights, as if they were not aware that there was an upcoming stop

Where do car crashes happen the most often?

About every five seconds, a car accident takes place in America. These car accidents can happen anywhere, at anytime. However, there are certain places where a collision may be more likely to occur. Here are the top places where a car wreck can unfold, according to an experienced car accident lawyer in Frederick, MD:

  1. Intersections
  2. Two-Lane Road (each lane going in opposite direction)
  3. Stoplights
  4. Parking Lots
  5. Highways in Rural Areas

What should I expect during my first consultation with an attorney?

If you were hit by another driver who was at-fault for the impact, you should get medical attention immediately. In the days following such an event, you may want to meet with an car accident lawyer Frederick, MD residents trust about the car accident to see if you may be entitled to receiving financial compensation. You may want to bring along as much proof as you can about the crash, as the more details you have the more thoroughly an attorney can assist you. Examples of important documents to take with you include:

  • Copies of medical bills
  • Doctor’s evaluations and treatment plan
  • Copy of incident report
  • Driver’s information
  • Photographs

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