How do Driver Distractions Impact Motor Bike Riders?

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How do Driver Distractions Impact Motor Bike RidersMotor bike riders may not be so surprised to find out that vehicle drivers are one of their biggest threats to safety and the cause for there to be a good bike accident lawyer Reston, VA residents recommend. Car drivers are commonly distracted due to being on their cell phone, eating, chatting with a passenger, falling asleep or otherwise taking their eyes away from the road. motor bikes hit by cars can suffer very painful and serious injuries. These physical wounds are not only uncomfortable, but can be costly too. In the aftermath of a car versus motor bike accident, the rider may have to be rushed to the emergency room due to a critical condition.

Here in the article below, we have answered a few questions related to motor bike accidents, and why scheduling an appointment with a Reston, VA motor bike lawyer may be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Why are people so addicted to their phones?

In today’s society, our cell phones offer way more tools than they ever have before. We are able to send an email, check social media, order food, browse the internet, look up directions, play games, watch television and more. We have these handy tools at our fingertips, but this may come at a steep cost. If a car driver uses a cell phone while behind the wheel even for a second or two, this can be plenty long enough to hit a motor bike rider who is sharing a nearby lane. Sadly, motor bike riders can suffer the drastic consequences of those who get distracted while driving.

This is one of the many reasons that there is a need for a reliable motor bike accident lawyer who is licensed to practice in Reston and throughout Virginia.

If I feel okay after the accident, should I still see my doctor?

While it is not necessary that you see your doctor right after an accident, it is highly recommended that you do. As stated above, motor bike riders can endure very terrible injuries that may need prompt medical intervention. If you think about it, motor bikes do not have any other protection besides what they are wearing on their backs and the helmet strapped around their head. When a rider gets hit by a car, his or her body can directly absorb the blunt force from the impact.

In addition to doing this to take care of your own physical well-being, it is also important to do this to keep all documentation of your medical visits. Your Reston, VA motor bike accident lawyer may need to use this as evidence for your personal injury claim.

How important is it that I gather witness contacts?

If bystanders saw the accident unfold and rushed over to help, you may want to gather their contact information. You do not have to ask for a statement at the scene, but your attorney can contact them later on to ask questions about how the crash happened. If you decide to sue the driver for hitting you, these witnesses can be influential to your side of the story.

Do motor bikes ever take legal action against the car driver?

Not every motorcyclist knows about his or her legal rights. Those who have been injured and now face steep financial loss due to an accident caused by another party, may be entitled to receiving a fair amount of money in a civil lawsuit. A Reston, VA motor bike accident lawyer can also help protect you in case you are flooded with calls from insurance representatives or adjusters, who are trying to get you to say something about the accident which can be used against your case.

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