How Can I Tell if a Driver is Distracted?

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Montgomery County, MD bicycle accident lawyers have the answers

Montgomery County MD bicycle accident lawyersMontgomery County, MD bicycle accident lawyers know all too well that distracted drivers can pose a huge safety threat to others on the road. Not only that, but a driver that is not paying attention can also cause great harm to bicyclists, who may be crossing the street or moving with traffic. The human body being struck by the hard and firm surface of a car exterior can be very painful, and also cause serious injuries which require immediate medical treatment. At one point or another, perhaps after a couple close-calls, a bicyclist may ask themselves how they can be more safe and how to tell if a driver is distracted.

In the article here, Montgomery County, MD bicycle accident lawyers have answered a few common questions people may have about bike safety when going for a ride.

How can I tell if a driver is distracted?

While riding a bike, it can seem as though there is an unlimited number of potential threats, including vehicles, cracks in the cement, strewn debri or car doors opening. There are so many ways a bicyclist can be injured, and a rider cannot focus too hard on one threat at a time. Scanning the roads can be the best way to identify potential risks in the environment. Signs that a driver may be distracted are listed as follows, according to Montgomery County, MD bicycle accident lawyers:

  • The car driver is swerving in the lane or across many
  • The car driver is either moving too slowly or speeding excessively
  • The car driver is not looking up ahead at the road, but down in his or her lap (probably due to cell phone use)
  • The car driver is braking or accelerating at unexpected moments
  • The car driver is tailgating or cutting off others

I was actually hit by a car driver and received medical attention, now what?

The moment a bicyclist gets hit by a vehicle can be both terrifying and excruciating. Some riders may even be afraid to get back onto the bike after a very horrible accident due to the carelessness of a car driver. Montgomery County, MD bicycle accident lawyers will likely advise that if you were hit by a car and suffered costly injuries and other damages, you may want to meet with an attorney for advice promptly after the incident. Depending on the scenario, it may be possible to file a civil lawsuit in order to receive financial compensation. The costs associated with emergency care can be overwhelming, and cause a person to face financial hardship.

What sort of information will my attorney likely need to know?

When meeting with an attorney for a consultation, the more information you bring along, the better. Montgomery County, MD bicycle accident lawyers may not be able to provide a thorough evaluation of your situation if he or she does not have all the necessary documents. Examples of useful paperwork to bring along can include:

  • Copy of medical bills, treatments, doctor exams
  • Estimates for bicycle repairs/damages
  • Copy of incident report taken by officer
  • Photographs of the scene and your visible injuries
  • Contact info for witnesses who saw the accident happen
  • Statements from employer regarding loss of pay due to missing work

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