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Hotel Liability Law Firm Maryland

Hotel Liability Law Firm MarylandAre Maryland Hotels Safe?

Even though Maryland hotels are supposed to be safe places, people regularly get injuries while on hotel properties and wind up in need of a hotel liability law firm Maryland hotel visitors and their families can rely on.

Is it only registered guests that have rights to be at a hotel?
All visitors to hotel premises, not just registered guests, have rights to be safe when they visit a Maryland hotel.

People visit hotel premises and other short to longer term places of accomodation for a variety of reasons. To name just a few reasons, some people stay in these kinds of places for vacations, for work, as temporary to longer-term and/or as interim emergency housing. People visit family and friends who are staying in these places as well as to enjoy venues such as restaurants, cafes, bars, casinos, and pools, that are attached to these properties.

Visitors to Maryland hotels and other similar properties have a right to have a reasonable assurance that the owner of the property, and in some cases, a property manager or tenant, will maintain their property so that is safe for people who visit it. While many hotels, motels, lodges, hostels, resorts and apartment buildings are great places to spend some time at, unfortunately, some people who visit them are anywhere from mildly to catastrophically injured or become ill, or even die as a result of visiting these kinds of properties.

When this happens, it may be time for the victim and/or their family to find out what their rights are from a reputable personal injury law firm that is familiar with Maryland hotel liability laws and how to successfully defend the rights of injured hotel visitors.

When can a hotel injury victim seek compensation?
When someone is injured because of someone else’s negligence, malice, or recklessness in the state of Maryland, the victim may be able to seek compensation from the negligent party or parties. This means that if the victim can prove that they were in fact injured and that the injury was the result of another party or parties’ negligence, the party or parties that were negligent may be held in part or fully liable.

If a person’s injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, they may be entitled to compensation.

What can a hotel injury victim seek compensation for?
A hotel injury victim can seek compensation for injuries that are the result of another party’s or parties’ negligence. Some of the many reasons that someone may become injured while visiting a hotel in Maryland and wind up in need of a hotel liability law firm include but are not limited to:

  • Sexual and/or violent assault
  • Robbery
  • Slip and fall or trip and fall
  • Poorly lit walkways, hallways, stairwells, parking structures, etc.
  • Poorly maintained walkways, hallways, stairways, etc.
  • Inadequate and/or faulty security systems, guards, etc.
  • Pool and spa injuries
  • Elevator, escalator, and moving walkway accidents
  • Food poisoning
  • Inadequate, faulty and/or improperly installed safety features such as handrails,
    guardrails, windows, doors, non-slip floor coverings, etc.
  • Identity theft

If you or someone you love has been injured at a hotel in Maryland because of any of the above reasons, or ones not mentioned here, it may be in your best interest to enlist the help of a personal injury law firm in Maryland that understands hotel liability laws.

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