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Date23 Jun 2021

Top Forms of Medical Malpractice

Suffering a physical aliment is incredibly burdensome. It’s even more disheartening when discomfort is caused by error or negligence on the part of your doctor. When this happens, you may have a legitimate case to sue – contact a hospital accident lawyer Montgomery County MD to find out.

Here are some leading causes of malpractice lawsuits.

Surgical Mistakes

There is never a guarantee that surgery will go as planned. However, there is the expectation that those who are operating will do so to the best of their abilities. Occasionally, the regularity of daily procedures allows surgeons to feel overly comfortable. They begin taking their duties less seriously and engage in unprofessional behavior. Examples of improprieties include playing games, taking pictures for social media, and attending traffic court via Zoom, all done while a patient is lying on the table.

Illness Misdiagnoses

Should a medical professional fail to correctly identify a health problem, the wrong course of action may be taken. Wasting time on treatments that can never alleviate an underlying cause may allow a patient’s condition to worsen or even become fatal. A misdiagnosis could happen due to an honest mistake, or it could transpire due to an unreasonable level of incompetence.

Medical Inactions

Doctors may see signs of illnesses yet elect to not act upon them. Medical professionals should always inform patients when they have suspicions. For example, if someone has cancer and treatment begins later than would happen otherwise, one’s life could be unnecessarily imperiled. Another scenario is the risk of a heart attack. If a doctor fails to whospital accident lawyer Montgomery County MDarn of the possibility and the patient is subsequently never instructed on how to lower the odds of one occurring, that person’s life may be endangered because of it. If you believe your doctor acted improperly, contact a hospital accident lawyer Montgomery County MD today.

Prescription Blunders

Patients count on their doctors to prescribe them the correct medication. When they are given the wrong medicine or an incorrect dosage, the error has the potential to create severe injury. Doctors typically have poor handwriting skills, making the odds of this mistake happening particularly high. 

Birthing Injuries

Infants are extremely vulnerable, especially when they’re coming into this world. Obstetricians have a serious obligation to handle their duties with extreme care. When mistakes are made during labor, the effects on a child can be devastating. Lifelong harms, such as nerve damage, cerebral palsy, and spinal deformities, may result. 

The outcomes of medical malpractice are particularly injurious. However, not all negative health-related incidents are the fault of medical personnel. An a hospital accident lawyer Montgomery County MD can help determine whether your circumstances are cause for litigation and if so prepare your case as best as possible.

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