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Hearing or Eyesight Injury and Damage

How a trusted, honest, and dedicated Reston, VA workers compensation lawyer can help

Reston VA workers compensation lawyerDamage to a person’s eyesight or hearing is a frequent occurrence in the workplace and often requires the help of a Reston, VA workers compensation lawyer, even though it is the responsibility of an employer to provide a safe working environment. Many law firms have represented thousands of clients who have been injured while working. A large number of these clients have suffered from hearing loss and partial or full blindness. If you believe your employer did not adhere to safety protocols and your eyesight or hearing was damaged as a result, a workers compensation lawyer likely would like talk with you. They should listen to what you have to say and let you know your legal options. If you work with any skilled Reston, VA workers compensation lawyer, you should be able to count on their experience, knowledge, and tenacious approach in fighting for maximum compensation. Call a firm near you for a free and confidential consultation.

Common Eyesight Injuries that Happen On the Job

Loss of an eye, partial, or full blindness are considered to be a catastrophic work injury. Damage to the eye is not only traumatic, but can change a person’s life forever. These types of injuries can be caused from gradual exposure to welding sparks, toxic chemicals, smoke, lights, fumes, etc.

They can also occur from an unexpected incident due to the aforementioned, flying or falling debris, swinging objects that come into contact with the eye, dust or particles in the air, and so forth. A Reston, VA workers compensation lawyer will inform you that regardless of what happened, if you suffered an eye injury while working you may be entitled to workers compensation.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

After you have been injured on the job, it is crucial you seek medical attention. If you have time you may want to take pictures of the scene. If not, ask a friend or fellow employer to take pictures for you. As soon as possible, tell your employer about what happened. You may also want to get the contact details of witnesses. Be sure to tell your doctor about any other pain or injury in another part of your body. If a serious eye related injury resulted, you should consult a Reston, VA workers compensation lawyer to explore your options.

Workers compensation  may be available to people who:

  • Are partially blind
  • Completely blind
  • Have blurred vision

If you are considered to be legally blind, a lawsuit or separate claim may also be pursued. Legally blind is a broad term and does not necessarily mean that the individual has no vision ability. Whatever your case, a workers compensation lawyer can provide you with legal advice about the process.

Common Hearing Injuries

Hearing loss can occur gradually or abruptly. By law, employers must follow safety protocols to reduce the risk of hearing injuries. However, approximately 23,000 people suffer hearing loss in the U.S. every year. Hearing loss can be caused by:

  • High decibel noise
  • Loud machinery
  • Loud ambient noise
  • Sudden explosion
  • Power tools
  • Other loud noises

If you have temporary or permanently lost your hearing, you should seek a Reston, VA workers compensation lawyer. When you call a workers compensation lawyer, they should be ready to investigate the cause of the injury and prepare a case that gets you maximum compensation.

Call a Workers Compensation Lawyer

Losing your hearing or eyesight can be devastating. When you call our firm we will fight for present and future lost wages, medical treatment, and full or partial disability. If you have a separate legal claim or lawsuit, we will let you know.

If any of the above conditions apply to you, it may be in your best interest to reach out Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and we will be more than happy to set you up with a Reston, VA workers compensation lawyer on our team.

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