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Getting Disability Benefits for Injuries After a Car Accident

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Getting Disability Benefits for Injuries After a Car Accident

Date29 Jul 2016

Knowing how to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is only half of the battle.  In order to qualify for social security disability your condition must be expected to last one year or longer.  This is only one qualifier for potential eligibility for benefits.  If you have become unable to work due to a car accident or a health condition that prevents you from performing your job, you can apply for social security disability.   Your condition must be such that it prevents you from doing any work.   Keep in mind if you just stopped working, the chances of approval during this one year period will be unlikely.

There is a wealth of misinformation about how to apply for SSI.  It is important that you receive the correct information from the beginning.  This entire process is a very lengthy one, oftentimes lasting from eighteen months to over two years.  Relying upon the wrong information can be the kiss of death to your claim.  This process requires specific steps to improve the likelihood of a favorable decision.  One wrong step or incomplete step can lead to losing in the end. It may be in your best interest to contact an experienced Little Rock, AR Social Security disability lawyer to discuss the particulars of your specific situation.

Many applicants believe if they receive some medical treatment this will be enough to qualify their condition for benefits.  Again, knowing how to apply for SSI is only half of the battle.  Medical treatment is one of the most important parts of the lengthy journey.  The medical treatment must not only be continuous but must be provided by a qualified healthcare provider.  For example if you are receiving pain management treatment, your primary care doctor is not the best provider of this type of treatment for social security purposes.  If you have chronic pain, a pain management doctor should be treating you for the pain.

The treatment process should be initiated in the very beginning of your claims process if not before.  Receiving treatment just months or days before your final ALJ hearing does not provide the proof that your condition was disabling eighteen months ago.  Filling out the social security forms is how to apply for disability, but this is just one small piece in the entire lengthy process.

It would be inconceivable to finally make it to the destination and realize you have not followed the guidelines.  The ALJ hearing is not the place to find out you have not gathered the necessary evidence to prove up your claim.   If this happens you are now faced with the reality of failing to prove up your case with your lack of evidence.  But all hope is not lost, you can start all over again and spend another eighteen to twenty four months correcting what you should have had in the very beginning of your case.

In summary, knowing how to apply for SSI is just one small part of the puzzle.  Another important piece is your evidence.  This evidence is what makes or breaks your case.  The vast majority of the evidence is proven through your medical treatment.  If you are lacking in this part of the equation, you will likely fail.  It is important to make sure the guidelines are followed all along the way.  Just filling out the forms from SSI will not win your case.

Thanks to our friend and blog author, Lisa Douglas of the Law Offices of Lisa Douglas, Inc., for her insight into Social Security disability practice.

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