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Frequently Asked Questions for Workers’ Compensation Cases

workers compensation lawyers Reston VAWorkers Compensation Lawyers Reston, VA residents trust have the answers

If you were injured while at work, you may look to the experience and reputation of workers compensation lawyers Reston, VA residents trust to help you in taking legal action. There are a number of times that their services can be helpful when faced with job related injuries, especially in the event that your situation becomes even more complicated. Some local attorneys have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you obtain some of the answers you may be looking for when faced with workers’ compensation.

What evidence will I need to gather to prove my work related injury?

In some situations you will need to prove that your injury occurred at work in order to prove that you have a case for workers’ comp. Workers compensation lawyers in Reston, VA will likely advise that you gather the following information:

  • Pictures and or recordings of the accident or the accident scene
  • Witnesses who saw the accident
  • Medical documentation that should include your medical record and expenses
  • Any expenses from medical treatment, including medications, surgeries and doctor’s appointments
  • Any documentation from your employer that prove your injury or information regarding the injury

If I accept workers’ compensation can I file a lawsuit later?

When an employee is injured on the job, employers must provide them with workers’ compensation benefits. This was put in place to protect employers taking heavy hits from lawsuits. Workers compensation lawyers in Reston, VA will likely inform you that it also protects employees following an accident to ensure that they are provided with some form compensation. As a result, when an employee files a workers’ compensation claim they lose their ability to file a lawsuit. There are a few exceptions to this rule, which will certainly require the legal support of an attorney.

How will I be compensated if I am unable to return to work following my accident?

Discovering that the injury you suffered from at work impacts your ability to carry out your job duties can be terrifying. Unfortunately, this can add to the surmounting anxiety you may be experiencing from your accident. Workers compensation lawyers Reston, VA residents rely on know that during the time workers’ comp covers you, they will pay out a percentage of your total wages. The idea behind these wages is that they are temporary. You will continue to collect them until you are no longer injured. In some situations you could be entitled to disability. In a number of situations speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney may be helpful in making sure that you are protected throughout the process.

Is my job protected while I am out on workers’ compensation?

In the event that this you lost your job while suffering from an injury at work you would need to speak with workers compensation lawyers in Reston, VA immediately. Depending on the employer you work for, it’s a very real experience to be concerned that you will lose your job from an injury you obtained at work. Workers’ compensation is a protected activity, meaning that it is considered discrimination for an employer to retaliate against you.

You can give yourself the opportunity to have your rights protected in a way you never thought possible. Following an injury at work it can feel as though your lawyer has the upper hand. It can be intimidating to think of what the recourse may be for taking legal action against your employer. Workers compensation lawyers Reston, VA trusts can help you answer your questions and provide you with the legal representation you desire.

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