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Free2Move accident lawyers

Free2Move accident lawyers

Not long ago, the only way to get around without a car in major cities was to use taxis or public transportation. Today, however, the options for easy, affordable, and convenient transportation seem endless. Ridesharing and carpooling programs, electric scooters, dockless bicycles, and car-sharing are all quick ways to score a ride or traverse the last mile to a destination. Each option has advantages and benefits, and usually, each one has a separate app that must be downloaded to the user’s smartphone or tablet. Someone who wants to see the availability of all Free2Move accident lawyersvehicles may have to download and open numerous apps, all at once.

Free2Move solves this problem by providing access to all the major car-sharing, ride-hailing, and personal mobility apps in one place. A person preparing to take a quick trip across town may not be sure whether a dockless bicycle or an electric scooter is the best choice, but with Free2Move, they may realize a microrental vehicle is even closer to them and would make the trip cheaper and more convenient. Even if that’s not the case, seeing all the options on one map and comparing prices is a great way to make sure each person gets the best possible deal.

Not only does the company offer access to a broad array of mobility options, but it also offers its own car-sharing fleet. The iconic white vehicles with a clear logo can be seen parked all over DC neighborhoods, and the company emphasizes rentals by the minute.

Like Car2Go and Zipcar, the vehicles offered by Free2Move carry their own insurance coverage, though it only goes up to the minimums in any particular jurisdiction. One advantage not matched by other companies is that Free2Move has collision coverage for accidents caused by users; thus, users know they are only responsible for a deductible (up to $500) rather than potentially being on the hook for major damages.

However, the statutory minimum coverage may hide real risks. In an accident, a driver of a Free2Move vehicle could be held liable for substantial additional costs if the damage done exceeds the coverage on the vehicle. Ordinarily, this will roll automatically to the driver’s own policy, but if the driver does not have a personal auto insurance policy, they could be held personally liable. Additionally, the statutory minimums do not usually include no-fault coverage, which can be used to defray immediate medical expenses and lost wages, or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which can be used in the event that another driver without insurance causes an accident.

After an accident, the complexities of multiple overlapping insurance policies are best handled by an experienced carsharing lawyer, especially when insurance companies are notorious for finding reasons not to pay claims. Cohen & Cohen, P.C.

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